09 November 2009

Found The Woman Of My Dreams.....

The moon light reflcting of her visible belly left a lil silver on it ....
her gleaming body drew me wild .....i stared at her for a moment ,,,
i hadn seen n e thing so beautiful before ,
she was fabulous..
brownish black hair running down on her shoulders
long slender legs .
n tat diple on her cheek
our eyes met..
she had the most amazing eyes ever ... pair of green eyes .. like two pearls ....
staring bak at me ...
her gentle cold stare sent ice down my spine
i cudn sty away from her n e longer .....
i went closer ,
.now we wer jus centimeters away from each other .
our eyes still fixed .
i reached out for her .n grabed her by her waist
she blushed
our glare broke as she looked down n smiled .
i leaned forward
my right hand gently pushed the hair on her face back behind her ears
n from ther it slid slowly downwards towards her neck ..
n then it happened she kissed me ...
my first kiss ..!!!
amazin ...
it was jus simply amazin
the best feeling in the world
n then it happened
my alarm started ringing
n it was over was all over ...!!!
it was my dream ...
the best one i had ever had .....
i wanted to go bak to it ...
i shut off the alarm n tried to go bak to the dream ...but it was gone /...
she was gone ...
i had always heard people say tat they see such dreams .. i had seen it in movies .. but it had never happened to me before .i mean yaah i had seen gals before in my dreams . but those wer like other kinds of dreams .. u know ..wher ther was no such touching ,,,,,i had found the women of my dreams ....(now all tat was left to do was to actaully find her in real ...loll like tats goin to happen ). it was so real ... i can still feeel the kisss ,,,,
my first kiss ..
was in a dream ....
wat a loser m i ?/.......loll,,
yaaah i don care .. yaah u can call me watve ..u know y .. Coz now i have The women of my dreams ....(lol.. i know i say like i actually have her but wateva .. if not for real atleast i have her in my dreams .i bet u don even have tat ..u suckers ...)


  1. cute...i hope she walks out of the dream n into your life soon,sooner,soonest...but don't give up on the dreams...:)

  2. yaaah i hope so too...
    but its i think too good to be true ...@@@

  3. i don know who she was ... but i can bet this is maalpani ...!!!!!

  4. no its someone else.... how did she look

  5. she was amazin ...
    nothin iike all the these gals tat u see everyday ..
    jus being next to her got ur blood rushing ...
    n seeing her wud mesmerise u ....!!!1

  6. y ??
    n who is this ...!!?
    y u anonymous ...!!!!
    comeon ...!!!

  7. X3 that's cute...i have just finished reading it just now! and it was pretty normal! I've dreamed of that kind of seen before..but even though it sounds real..i never remember his face.. or even name..haha..but it was a fascinating dream to have right? XD


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