21 June 2010

advice to girls ..!!!

here is a shock fact for u ladies ,,,!!1 ((i know ther r not many gals who read my blog but well actually if u go to see ther r not many people in general (over loookin gender bias) who read my blog .and i wudn blame them actually the content of my posts is welll a lil how should i put it in a good way ; lets just say a lil un conventional .okie so i have decided today to be lil more cautious with words i use even though the topic of the subject will make it a lil difficult to use what they say un appropriate words )) my onli request to u gals just dont judge me by this post .i m just tryin gto help u guys

so n e wayz a lot of gals think of thier long hair as an assest to attract guys ,,!!!1
okie well eureka time ding ding ding ...!!1 they arent
u don believe me ..??.!!
okie then heres the fact .." for attracting guys the only asset u need is well do i need to mention it............... its ur inner beauty ......n by that i mean the beauty that lies beneath ur clothes ,,,!!!lol..!!! u got the point "

okie on a serious note ,,,
the thing with us guys is !!!,,,,we r attracted to all women ...!!1
ur hairstyle doesn realli matter untill ofcourse ur bald then tats a completely diff thing .lol..
but other wise we are okie with it

a lot o guys like long hair on gals or atleast thats wat they think but seriously guys i don think u would be n e less atrracted to gals with short hair who have bigger how should i say it "heart " or "area around the heart " or oh "lips" and and 'hips ' oh i m just going to drop it this is just lame
i cant keep up with this not using un appropriate word just going to go with the flow .
wat i mean is well bigger boobs n big ass ...
u got the point .dont get me wrong i m just trying to help

infact studies suggest that men find women with shorter hair more hot ...!!!
okie i just made tat up
.but tats cause i like gals with shorter hair ,!!! i find them hot
even though they may not posses the required assests i still seem to cant get my mind off them for a more longer time than it happens with gals with longer hair ..!!

may be its cause u rearely find a gal with short hair.. its like out o the bush or some thing diff for the eyes.i don kno wat it is but they seem to blow my mind .away..!!!

so i wud suugest u all to get a shorter haircut .n by short i don neccesarrily mean halley berry boycut hair ,,
hair to the shoulder lenght is also called short like scarlet jhoanson in match point whooa ..!!
for an indian exmple take preity zinta in koi mil gay or twinkle khanna in baad shah
besides isnt it a big truoble for u gals to maintain tat hair
next time u r thinkin of chopping of ur hair cause of the heat but then end up keeping long hair to attract guys well dont ..we dont deserve it as it is just go n get those babbies chopped ,,


  1. I love you Amnnn and i'm getting my hair chopped tomorrow. Mwaaaahhh!!

  2. sorry tidda......but i prefer girls with long hair
    To hell, with what studies suggest.......every individual has their own taste :)

  3. this recollects old memories....tiddas first crush was a cute cute cute lil chick wit short hair...!!!!
    And dude...ur blog is awesome..wit or witout appropriate words...i like unconventional...!!

  4. @annonymous : i love u too ...!!!whoeva u r ..!!

    @athirath dude .,,..just don know it yet ,,

  5. @vikram : yaah tats exactly my point lol..!1
    thank u thank u ,,

  6. Oooh this is fab! I am going to show my (gorgeous by the way, maybe I need to direct her to your blog) workmate this, as she just had her hair cut to just above shoulder length and is having regrets.

  7. @ANONNYMOUS : i take tat back ,,
    i don love u ,,!tat is if u r gauri ,,,!!(u wer gauri onli right ,,!)

  8. y...!!i m sure she might lookin amazing .!!! her names realli gorgeous ,,??

  9. Mwwwwaaaaaaahhhhxxxxx !!!!

  10. Hey Amn...
    Just when I thought your post could not get any spicier...
    I see the comment box!

    Hey you got proposed there*yiyee yiyee*
    Why am I excited???? Well, sucker for mush...this might be the start of a great new love ishtory;-)

    Now back to the post:
    If by short hair you had quoted Meg Ryan with her girlie fringe I would have thumbed up right away!
    Those little curls falling gently over the endearing!

    And phew!
    Glad that guys like you exist...
    Waise my dearly beloved would side with you too...
    He feels anything beyond a handful*we are still talking of hair* to tag on gently in appropriate moments, is a waste!

    And please don’t be conventional...
    I loooooooved the longest penis gyan on the previous one!
    *hehe...I think my comment is more blasphemous than your post;-)*

  11. loll.!!!
    okie english teaher i don know wat balsphemous is ..n i m a lil embarassed asmitting tat out loud (.cause i m supposed to be a writer ) plz dont cut my marks in exam lol,.,,wait i m googling it
    oh okie ,no not at all ...u do it with a flair no one notices it.. infact everyone adores u for it including me ,well i wud have adored u otherwise as well so ..i guess its just minds can appretiate each other better ,,,
    but when i do it i m a male schovinist pig whoes vulgar i dont get it .. btu who cares,,,,,,
    n e wayzz ..
    ohh yeah i forgot meg rayn ..i don know how tat slipped off my mind gosh ther r a lot o gals in this world ,,lol

    n well .. thanks for the comment its comments liek these u write for
    its been long since i had such a heart felt comment n it comes from one o my inspirations so means a lot thank u ,,

  12. short hair luks sexy.... i agree.... it make u look bubblier... bt den again ppl around u dnt digest it.... trust me u wnt recognize me if i passed by.... well loads of my frndz dint... evn though mine is nt dat short.... so yea... u reali hav 2 think twice b4 doin dat here in India... nt evry1 would appreciate it...

    bt as usual i lik ur unusual blog....

  13. lol thank u ...!!!
    u r talkin bout the blog right ??

  14. So what you're saying is that how we sexually attract men matters to guys? Sorry i find that kind of disgusting.
    And seriously you need to learn how to spell, it's really annoying.
    I read this cause i'm a girl with short ginger hair, thin and tallish, and people call me hot. and the fact that you implied we need to take off our clothes to be beautiful is kind of sad. People like that need to get a life. Sex isn't everything in life. It's one thing. Not everything.
    ! honestley!

  15. lol.. u r tking it wrong
    tat was not the intenti0oon of the post ..
    i never said u need to take of ur clothes to be beautiful
    i told u plz don judge me by this post
    its just a fun post with the soul purpose of delivering the msg to gals .who have a misconception tht men fall in love with them because of thier long hair .. tht thats not true
    and well with the spellings u will just have to excue me ,,!

  16. She is very beautiful BUT long hair look better on girls.

  17. Gosh you better be unconventional coz that's your writing style and I think as a reader, I love that!
    I Don't thin anyone should be offended by this post, coz it's all in good fun and an individual's point of view. I loved reading this..

    Still lolling at the inner beauty part .. hahah.. and I think Girls with long hair are pretty, if they have hair and not long and weak as an elephant's tail :P ..
    But the Big boobs and ass I think all guys are attracted to, but it;s always the lean chics they hang around with. Blunt truth. You always see guys go for the 'sapaat sundari's' :P .. But short hair is so convenient to maintain.. No frizz and manageable. I've always had short hair and your post is like a thumbs up to it :D

    Gosh I'm on a reading spree on your blog. Wonder how I didn't come across this before.. you write super well dude :)

  18. It all boils down to perceptions. I have jet black, thick, long hair, which I tie up in a braid. Some folks think of it as being kinda old fashioned, while some think of it being rare. You seem to stand out in a crowd, if you are bestowed with waist length hair.Well different people different opinions I must say.


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