25 December 2009

early to bed .. early to rise ...

his was a fragile body .
wrikles all over his skin .. n bones poping out from every body part
his lungs had gotten warry of inhaling n exhaling for the past 82 years ...n so he found it particularly hard to breathe ,infact u could literally hear him inhale and exhale ...
but even though with age his body had gotten old .. his evident blue eyes behind those huge grandpa specs still shone with agility .. he would move briskly ..without limping or ne thing .. n when he walked he waked upstraight .. his head held up high above his shoulders ..(always)

even in an age today when people complain bout backaches n head aches n knee pain at 40 ,,, he still moves like he is 20 ,,when actually he is 82 years old ,,,
he says ,, a person doesn get old untill he wants to ,,,,,
and accertains his fittness to DISCIPLINE. which means
. early to bed .. early to rise .. and an hour excersise...!!!
he is almost always calm n compsed...
he never gets angry ..for except when he sees me ..

i m the onli thing in the wrld tat can possibly irritate him or except when india loses in cricket but that is mildly irritating .. i can actualy get him to lose his temper .. n tat too without an effort
its like a gift .. its like i cant control it .. loll...
good thing though is we dont have to see each other a lot ,,,

everything i do is totally opposite to what he says ...
not intentionally or something ..but just i m built tat way ...
i m a night guy..if u know wat tat means

so it happened.... he had come over to our place for christmas ..our routines clash such tat
when he gets up i go to sleep ....loll,,,,
now i know its not a good thing tat i do ....its not good for my health .. its not right for my system
n bla n bla n bla ... i know all tat .. u think i dont know tat ...!!1
when college starts ,,, the routine gets set by itself ,,,
u don haave to.... u know make an effort ,,,
but during holidays n during exam days ,,, i go again some how to this night guy...

the night guy is realli upopular among elderlies ....n he knows he is wrong ,,n he himself feels bad bout it ,,but u know how sometimes even if u know something in u is wrong ...!! u hear it frm somebody else .. n u will still try to defend it ..justify it ....this is omehwta similar situation

n e wyz ... this time he had told himself tat he wudn let my lifestyle disturb his mind however... he cudn take it.n e more ,,
seeing me in the bed at 12 in the noon when half the day for him was over was way more thanwhat he could handle ,,,so he gave it up trying to pretend tat it din matter to him .. n comes n wakes me up ...well okie tries to wake me up ...

last night was saturday night ... i had been up til 6 am in the morning i have had just 6 hours of sleep..which by my standards is not enough especially on a lazzy sunday ...
so i shrug him off : i slept at six in the morning i said ....half awake half asleep still in bed with my cosed eyes
i hoped tat wud be it .. but i knew him too well to know this was the end .. i knew this wa just the begining
he never gave up when it came to me...
so he went again this time shaking me with his hand a bit..: doesn matter when u slept ,, its 12 in the noon get up ....!!1
n then came his typical line ......this line he wud say atleast 10 times to me every day in just one hour ,,its like he loved this line or something ...: half the day is almost over ...

i m like.. comeon nanaji its sunday for heavens sake ...!thers goin to be sun all day today plz let me sleep ,,,
he said in an icy warm voice ...They say that the early bird cathes the worm ....
all ur worms are almost gone ....!!
if u want food get up .. its time ,,,
i was like ....seee thats wher u guys went wrong ..
u guys wud wake up to ctach the early worm ...well what we do is not sleep at all ..
first catch the worm . n then go to sleep ,...............!!!!
so i have the worm ,, i don need food ,,, its not like we r going to play ringa ringa roses ..after i wake up .. wat do u care ,,,, let me sleep plss ,,,,
tats when i found out i utter crap not onli when i m awake,, but also when i m half asleep..

n e ways he din let me sleep .. i had to get up .. then he made me exercise n told me
son u should go early to bed tats what ur problem .. tats what wil solve all ur problems ,,,
i wasn facing n e problem .. what the fuck was he talking bout ...??

i felt like sayin nana ji i do go to bed early ,,,,,
i go to bed early in the morning ,,,loll..
but i din.. i saw him gain his composure again .. n his peace of mind back ,,,,i don know y tat made me feel good ,,,so i just nodded along ,
once he was gone i went to bed again .....:)


  1. haha! that mad me laugh huh.!!! well..we're the same in some also a night people..i often sleep in the we hours of the morning and wake up almost noon!1 XD my parents sold me also but not like your grandfather haha..poor guy...:3

    hehe..anyway..i have just given you an award if yous till dont know..XD happy new year!

  2. hey i don know i have nevr got an award before .. how to accept n give an award ...??

  3. i think u r th onli one who red the whole of it ...loll/...
    no comments till now ..
    i guess the post is a victim of offseason release ..!!!
    n e ways thanks , ??

  4. so is there any family member left that u dont irritate..
    dint even leave ur old grand pa..!!
    what would have happened if u would have slept 10 mins left..
    he would have been happier..!!..
    and dont tell me u are not facing any problem..
    y do u think we get tired after 2 games of table tennis..
    imagine table tennis..!!

  5. yaaah its official according to my family i m a disaster man ... i cant help it ... espcially with old ppl
    they r like totally opposite to me .. man...

    n as for the tt part dude u get tired after 2 games not me .. i stil always waanna play more /...

  6. You know how the saying goes, "Early to bed, early to raise - and your girlfriend ditches you for other guys !" .. Wait, engineering students. Chuck it .. "Early to bed, early to raise - and you still wish for lesser guys !"

  7. it was funny....a gift to irritate one's grandparents...i guess we all have that in some way....

  8. Cute post Amn...:-)
    And not such a bad lesson learnt from here;-)


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