26 November 2011

Y onli kolaveri di ???

music aaa ,,,!!1

i write a post ,,,
a flop post a
a soup post a

y dis kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di ? ?
haaan y dis kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

grammar correct a

ha a ha ah

The mushroom wants a say a
no body wants a hear a
if somebody wants a hear a hear a , nobody wants la comment a
y dis kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di ,,!!?

haan y dis kolaveri kolaveri aaaaaa diii

you watch youtube evryday everyday ,,, every video u don share aaa,,,
even if u share a video ......not everyone cares, aaa,,
some video everyone cares aa ,, everyone shares a further aa,,,,
some content equally good no body under stood,,,aa,,!!!
y onli kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di ,,,!!!

i m not saying the song is not good
i m not saying song is not catchy
i m not saying song is just ok
the song is amazing
the song makes u smile
the song makes u sing
the song makes u want to dance like a monkey ,,,
but wat i m askin is is y onli kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di ??

a few days back .. there was post a from this girl to a delhi boy ,,
everybody saw it everybody read it everybody even commented on it ,,,
and as if this was not enough ,,took it a notch even further ,, everybody even shared it
but wat i m asking is y this envious , political, social partiality

i mean you so often come across amazing content , that moves you ,,,and even though you are moved by it not every time do you share it on your fb page ,,,
and if by some idiocric miracle you happen to have taken the effort to actually go ahead and share the content on your fb page with your friends ,more than half of them dont see it and more then half of those who see don appreciate it and from those lill few who appreciate onli a mere one person might in a probability of once in 5 times share it again on his page ,,,,!!

and then there are these contents on the web ,,, that dont neccasirily even convey n e meaning of some sort but for some Godforsaken reason manage to not onli get even those people who wudn even read a text book for thier exam next day leave aside a story novel or a blog to read a whole letter to a delhi boy written by some bitchy girl on a nobody blog but also comment on it and to take it a step further , go ahead and share it on thier fb pages too ,,,,!!

so thats y i m intimidated by these contents ..cause these are not just contents , these are lietrellay work of art .. that creates a dent in your universe so intense that you are consumed by it ,,,!!!1 and you will have this undying urge to view that work of art over and over again ,,,,
like kolaveri , like the open letter to a delhi boy like for tat instance even an ipod ,,,!!1
thers a similiarity between these things ..

and when eva i sit to write a blog ,, they consume me too ,,,!1
i m by my on unfortunate nature find my self struggling to cope up with the self created pressure to create a content of that level ,,,!
nd so they indimidate me and for that reason onli when i first heard bout this song on the net that was spreading like wild fire instant reaction was one of repulsive nature , it wasn out of the hatred of the song no but out of jealousy ..!!1
but no mateer how much you try to repluse it the song will get to you ,,,!! the post will get to you
i found myself smilling nd moving with the song and dancing on it . it makes u wan to be silly ..!!
it was funn,,
i cudn get though wat was shurti hassan doin in the recording chamber ,,,lol she didnt have n e line to sing ,,,she jus came n these ppl r sayin she has a blak heart ...i don know wat was tat all bout n e wayz

i realised one thing though . u cant set out with the state of mind to create a content like tat and end up with that kind of an amazin content no no .. if one thing that is comman among all these things take for sholay or kolaveri di or an open letter to a delhi boy it is that these things when produced wer all surely produced with the intention at heart to make it big ,(sure that is the dream of every art to reach out to everyone on this planet) but, thier main focus was the point,, .. to jus say what eva they wanted to say with thier whole heart ...!!1 so tats wat i m gonna do ,,,,!!1

i m goin to smile... looking at you ha ah ah alook at you and tell u this ,,,!!1 live life
have a beer ,,,, grow a mustache ,,,!!1 go to the beach ,,,,
wear a boxer ,,,!!1 ask a girl out ,,,,
and dance ,,,1!1
dance like a monkey ,,,!!
shake ur head pae pae ,, pae pae .!!
spend some money ,,,, throw it in the air ,,,!! shout out loud ,,,!!
smileee !! ha ah aha ha ah aha ha
and comment on my blogg ..!!!1 u bastardss ... ha ha ah ah aha ha a


  1. west indies are bowling bowling............indians r battin.. battin .......wat r u writin writin......nd y r u not watchin watchin..............?

  2. i m not watchin cause i have joined fantasy preimere leauge of criket ,,,!!1 ha ah ah

  3. chup bhosdike........

  4. hahahah I think ur own version was pretty cool.. but all the hype is just toooo much


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