30 January 2010

SAve TIGERS ?? realli ?? okie ..!!!


just wanted to shout ..!!1
shout out loud ...!!!

ajj kal ki dunia mein chilana gunha hai..
lathi charge karke jail mein daal detein hai ..
par dheerse bolo tho kisi ko sunayee kahan deta hai ...!!!!1
(meaning to make urself heard be loud n clear )
strange world we live in ...!!!

ne wayz mein isliye chila raha hoon .. ki
i saw this add on tv by aircell the telecom service company in india..!!bout save tigers ..!!!
awaaz utaaahoo .... sirf 1411 tigers bach gaye hai in india ...!!tho is liye mein awaaz utha raha hoon

i have neva realli understood .when these guys say ki don go against mother nature save tigers ..
mein hamesha soochta tha ..
ki tigers extinct ho rahe hai ,,,, yeh tho acchi baat hai naa.. less chance of me being eaten by one ... u know

now i know all the evolution n the balance of equillibrium n all ki if tigers wont be ther deerrs n the rabits n all thier poppulation will grow ..n the equilliribum will be lost..
but then again how is tat a problem ,,,!!???
better than having tigers y not have more of rabbits n deers n goats .. n whateva else the tigers eat ...!!
besides going acrooss the line to make sure the tigers remain safe when mother nature is trying to make them extinct isnt that going against nature .....!! what an irony

besides in one of the stories that i heard bout tigers ..the tiger eats up the guy who saves him from the cage ..
so y do they want to save them ...!!again ..??

u know what i think .. this is just a gimmic by aircell to gain a good image among the people
all they care bout is makking a mollah from the smses n blogs
n e ways ,, probably the onli reason y i m blogging this is because ...

1) recently i have been bloggin bout all crazy stuffs u know .. so y not do somthing more meaningful

2) besides wheneva as a child i wud go to a zoo or a circus it wud mainly be to see my fav animal tiger,,,

i used to love hearing stories bout tigers ..
now if they get extinct which stories will i tell to my grand child ...!!!

so even though aircell took this campaign up just so that people sms n
blog through its aircell n genrate some revenue for them . n even
though i m doing this for a stupid reason n even though thers a prettty
good chance that the tiger u save might eat u one day .. n even though
u don have time for ur own problems leave aside mr tiger's problems
nonetheless atleast for the sake of all our grandchildren n thier
bedtime stories ...!!! do all that u guys can to promote this

thank u for bearing with me ...........................................urs faithfully .....amn ..!!!


  1. soory guys for the fact that i have used way too much hindi in this post ,,,!!
    i realise u guys might not undestand it .. but comeon ..
    use google translator ..!!
    spare me for this one post ...
    i felt like writting it from ym heart

  2. hey aman!
    initially I was scared with the aaaaaaaaaaahhh! :P
    but then after reading the post I can say that It's very nice of you blogging for this cause! :)

  3. hey quite interesting and touchy and indeed a wonderful lesson taught to society in exceptional words..


  4. nice... the other side of the coin kinda of thingy... will get to rest of ur posts soon... :)

  5. why doesn't shiv sena do something about it.. after all its in their logo and they'd just beat the poachers out of the jungle...

  6. thts an interesting take on this issue


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