09 October 2018

aise hi nahi itefaq se bhag rah tha mein
koi tho karan hai jo baat baith nai rahi
zaruoor yeh usi ki koi saazish hai
kisi aur samay ke aaane ke sanket mein aaj ke intezaar ka aadesh hai ...
tere mansoobe mein khushi se dakhil ho ra hoon aaj ...
chal khele tere dav tere hisssab se ..

surprise me ...!!

28 November 2017

Ok so I am loosing again.
losing again to to of my greatest adversaries.
numbers and time.

both are and have always been against me ..!!

paulo coelho

don't listen to your demon who's saying ,"you are wasting time" ..
it's an incredibly exciting thing , this one meaningless life of yours

Tim minchin

30 September 2017

You are what you do in your free time 

05 September 2017

I have now started to loose my motivation ...!!
Some how i feel just like i felt before ...
hopeless ....!!
there needs to be some change ...!!

09 August 2017

dont worry , just jump ,, sometimes the only way to where you wanna go is no way ...!!
-- came up while watching movie Internship...

27 July 2017

flaring nostrils just raring to go.. a nose; like that of a dragon .. saw one of those today ... miss u j ..  

08 July 2017

our purose in the whole scheme of things

humans have three primary purpose in the universe ..
1) to convert oxygen to carbon di oxide 2) to reproduce so that the system of converting oxygen to carbon di oxide not only keeps running infinitely ..but also its pace increases with every new born baby3) our intelligence and brain and cosmic connection along with this physical body which can do mechnical work.. in essence our design and features totally shout out our purpose .. which is . to convert your ideas into reality.. the real purpose of such advanced engineering gone into creating our bodies is so that we can bring to life and actually manifest the thoughts that have its origins into our intellect .. which intern is some how related to the cosmic stream and everything else .. so to sum it all up.. somehow it is very apparent to me off lately that we meant to be executioners of the thoughts and ideas ( which are the will of the god cause well toughts and ideas to have thier origins in our brains . which i beileve is connected to the cosmic stream and as such , i see it god gives us ideas . and we should execute them ). or to put it in other terms .. as paulo coehlo says ... just follow your heart ..
My heart is lost , it does not belong to me .
I am an ambitious mind . always wandering for an opportunity
I am a free soul .
My soul is free .
my soul is all yours for the taking, if you so still desire it to be
but be vary
the wounds of the soul , run deeper than the depths of ocean and length of the sea
and the light of the soul is brighter than brightest star that can be