12 July 2010

mom , dad wats this " sex "...??/

All the parents out there ,,!! who have thier kids in todays date as old as 5 or 6 ...and restrain from talkin bout or having public display of affection especially infront of kids should know kids now a days r movin way too fast for thier age and they probably have tried stuff that even u cant think of ,.
u think i m exagerattin ..??/ believe me .. ther r things ; horrifying things that i hear these days that not just move even me to the core (imagine something movin ,,,,,,,;meeeee....!!1 lol yes stop thinkin dirty u perverts i m talkin serious shit here ...).

at 5 or 6 i didnt even knew wat the diff b/w a gal n a guy was ...i used to think the parents have a mutual agreement as to if they want a boy or a girl and then they grow him up as agreed
u know if they agrred upon a boy its fine but if they agreed upon a gal they wud just choose to make him wear diff clothes grow his hair hair and all .. i used to think poor lil gals they didn get to choose thier sex ,,,

it was not untill i saw a doctor deliver a baby to his mom n declaring him a boy in one of the 80's bollywood movie that i realised its not the parents who decide the sex of the baby its the doctor .. i distinctly rememebr askin dad one day bout all the unanswered queries in my head ...(i knew even at tat time it was not a thing to be asked to mom.. kids r not as stupid as u think they r )

now lookin bak at them .. these were questions no parent in the world wants to be asked ..!1
wats the diff b/w a boy and a girl ?
y is it that onli after marriage a child comes ?
and the worst of all ...
wats sex ,,,??
my dads face had gone all red he looked from over the table to the sofa placed at the faar off corner wher mom was sittin with the kind of expression ...
i don know wat to say ... u din train me to answer these questions ....!!! s he big anough to know bout it !1 shouls i tell him ??
i remember feelin all stupid bout askin my dad those questions when i finally came to know wat sex is in 7 th std ,,
vikram told me .,.. i begged him to tell me bout it ,, he wudn believe i din already kknew bout it..
i rmemeber the exact words ,,,
he had said .!! just like u have tat thing inplace of tat gals have _____(not writtin the exact words u know wat i mena ) n u have to place ur thing in the____ .!! the amazing thing is if its the right girl it fits properly and this part i m not jokin or makin it up i distincly remember he said roatate the fx by 30 degrees ,,,!! u will pop out and thats how the miracle of birth takes place,,!!1 lol...,.,,lol...!!! if u r wonderin wat did my dad say
well he didnt tel me what sex was... he went like i will tell u bout it when u get a lil more older
he tried his best to answer my qewstions as politely and as patienly as n e one possibly can

n e wayz ....!! and listenin to these kids now a days and bout thier kaarnamaeys in the school and stuff mhan.. i just feel something is definately very wrong out ther in world,,!1
the younger generations have to deal with much more pressure at thier age then what we had to deal with ,,,!!
so in a jist wat i m tryin to say is if ur kid hasn realli asked mom dad what is sex .?.. it doesn mean he is oblivioust it .or he is in good company .. infact it means total opposite of it mostly means he knows bout it ,,, he probably has had it ,, and may be evene much more ,,,
so its better tat he comes to know bout wat sex is from proper source like u then from some wher else.......


  1. Wat the fuck .... I don't remember saying ..... That if it's the right girl it fits properly .... Lol
    But n e way the 30 degree rotation shit is prolly true ... Gives a gal wat she actually wants ;-)

  2. hahahahahaha.........

  3. okie u might not have had said the perfect gal but i did say amazingly it fits ..!!!

  4. Lol at 30 degree rotation :D And the fits :D That is actually so cute. But then, I know my ideas for the whole of primary school were similarly 'cute' :D

  5. i know...same here but kids now a days i tell u ,,,!!!

  6. Yep, they sure are much less innocent! And ask me questions just for their own amusement. Grr! :D

  7. @nofairytale: wats with the name no fairytale ..i thot gals lov them ..
    n e wayz appreaciate u takin the effort to comment .!!1
    i m glad i cud tikle atleast someones bones ...1!!

    @wiked witch: r u serious ..!!!! they do tat even though they know the stuff ,...!!!okei may be they have goneway more ahead then even wat i was thinkin of .

  8. Haha...ur basics about gender n production...err...reproduction were as screwed up as mine Amn!
    And u were finally moved!;-)
    And are not as stupid as we think...look at u as the shining example...and if after that, still some doubts remain...u can look at me too;-)

    N u’ve got me scared now of my kid growing up n asking these questions!
    I think I’ll save this page n probably show it to her...
    Aaaa...probably not!;-)
    But an awesome read anyyyways!

  9. lol realli u wat wer u thot bout reproduction then ,,?? my curious lil mind is makin up things lol n e wayz ...yaah it moved me a mostly beauce its just plain so wrong ..tat 5 year old kid gets more experince than what i have .,..!!! its not fair lol...

    lol..And are not as stupid as we think...look at u as the shining ::.yaah who tho hai lol...!!!
    thanks ...!

  10. Omg hilarious.. you actually thought you choose a boy/girl and groom them like that... heheheh :D

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