01 April 2009


Ever since i was a child i have always been fascinated by the revolving town ...THE PEARL OF THE ORIENT
why i haven yet gone out there;;; i don know .....1!!!// probably u just tend to forget some things along the way ,,,,,!! but the idea of eating in a place which is just next to the sea , at some considerable height and rotates is in itself very chatchy

so this is what happened ,,,,,,,,!!!!!!

today 1 st of april..09..!!FOOLS DAY .!! TY commerce board exams got over all the ppl from commerce wer celebratin ,,,,!!!
haldiya n all had planned to go to TOWN......!!!
he wanted to have lunch at
"pizzaria ,,,,"
n e wyz ,,,,, the day began as usual .....dumb ppl still crackin those childdish april fool jokes ...!!! i was so irritated ,,,,,, guys grow up !!!!!

.....!!!!!n e wyz so we set out for town n reach there ,,,,
ther we have lunch at pizzzaria which was reallli nice .....
n then just when we wer bout to leave i realized that the revovling hotel was just across the lane .....!!!!now i have always wanted to go to this place ....some how fate never toook me there ,,,!! but i had a chance today ,,,,so i said lets go ...n atleast check it out ,,,,,,!!!!!

there wer 5 of us ,,,,,!!!maaalpani...haldiya ,,vyas......eshaan......n me ,,,!!!!1

now maaalpani had an accident in the morning...another absurd story ...!!!
rickshaw fell on him e wyz his left leg was badly injured n he was as it is limping ...he is like i m not goin u go if u want to ,,,,

eshaan n haldiya wern so keen either ,,,,but vyas said lets go n we set out .....!!!
the rest just satyed back in the car .......
so ther stood the awesome structure that has been my fancy since childhood ....
THE AMBASSADOR hotel ...!!!

tall with the buldging disc like thing poping out from the top ......
the disc like thing was the restraunt like none other...!!1

ne wyz so we go out ther was around 6pm in the evenin ..exactly the sunset time ..but the gaurd at the entrance wasn very helpful........
he did inform us that the restraunt we wanna go to ,,,the revolving one is closed ....
n it opens up at 7.30!!!

but i had to see it ,,,,i din wanna miss the oppurtunity so thought of something ,,,,,,,!!!
i told the garud that we wanna host a party out there ,,,,!!n vyas took over ,,,,,>>>
he had a talk with the manager n we asked him if we could see the place once ...n have a look at the menu ....>>that did it ..even though the place was closed ,,,, the gaurd let us in .....!!!
the hotel from inside has a great feel to it ,,,,,!!
now i have been to some big places before .....1!!
i have been to marriot ....!!1i have beeen to itc maratha ..(peshawari... !!!...)
but still this was quite good even wid those standards ,,,,1!!
we wer told to go to the 14 th floorr,,,,
the restraunt is on the 12 th floor ,,,,but since it was closed we had to go to the 14 th floor n then come down th stairs ,,,,!!!..what eva ,,,,so,,,,,,

we go in the lift okie ,,,,,we go to the 14 th floorr ,ther was the door i push ,,,,n ohhh mmyy goddddd !!!!,,,>>>>

i cannnot define it ,,,,,it was bbbbb eeeee aaaa uuuutttttiiifullllll it was amazing .....
the view out there was just ,,,....i m fallling short of word out here to define it ,,,1!!1
i havee been to marine drive .... soooo mannnnyy times before but the sea neva loooked this beuatiful ever before ... ...i could seee the sea from the 14th floor okie let me say that again the 14 th floor ,,, i could see the breboune stadium ..lush greeen .....!!!! n the view just took my breath away ,,,,,!!!!1
it was mind blowing ,,,,,

it was something like this ,,,but much more beautiful than even this /,,,,,believe me ,,

n we go down stairs ,,,,to the 12 th floor n the restraunt is equallly nice n offers the same paranomic view ....n the sun is settting in the back drop ....!!! it was just

n e wyz ,,,,so we talk to the guy bout the party n all n it turns out the place is a lil expensive ,,,,but nothing u cant afford for the one special date.... u kno what i mean .......
u take a girl out there n propose her .....n i can gaurntee uu she cannn not turn u down ,,,,,not out ther ... the place is so romantic she jus will scumm to it i m telllin u ,,,
n ewyz ... we ......after that we left ,,,,!! but we still had the hang over of the place n the view /...
but jus one thing kept troubling our minds ,,,,,,the view so great how ever the restraunt opens at 7.30 when the sun's gone ,,,,n its all drak ..... nothing of the sea can be seen whats the use of the place ......
n thats when it struk us .. in the night its not the blue sea the horizan the lush green breboune stadium that make the show ......!!
in the night the symbol of mumbai n somthing just as beautiful as these earlier mentioned things fills in for them
THE QUEENS NECKLACE !!!....................


  1. so aman whoz the girl ur goin to take on ur romantic date to pearl of the orient????

  2. u uu ,,,,!!!1 i'l take u if u want ....!!!!

  3. Hey wonderful photos, i've seen queen's necklace from the top only in movies. Must have been great!

  4. Hey wonderful photos, i've seen queen's necklace from the top only in movies. Must have been great!

  5. Hey wonderful photos, i've seen queen's necklace from the top only in movies. Must have been great!

  6. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  7. Wow, great photos...Marine Drive was one of my 'must sees'...I never did see it from up high at night though....amazing!!

    And how very civilised, going to a nice restaurant :D

  8. WoW...I haven't been to Marine drive in the night. been a couple of times there and still haven't been to the revolving resto.. Someday soon .. Did u click those pics? Gorgeous really :)


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