12 July 2010

my surprise b day party ,!! u have got to be kidding me
ok one of my close friend is trying to give me a surprise b day,,party
she has the best intentions at heart i m sure but well if u know me u'll know its the worst thing u can do to me ,,,i m serious ..!!!

the funny thing is she is trying so hard not let me know bout it ... tat she convinced even my brother to lie to me when i asked them wa they wer doing together ..;a lie i caught instantaneously

the thing is i knew she was trying to throw me a surprise party even before anuj lol..!!!ther was first sarika who told me bout it .. then my mother ...and now last of her allies to fail was anuj who tried i think his best but cudn go on n e further n he surrendred to the lie that i cuaght instanteously..
the one funny thing i noticed was well they r so aware of the fact that it is such a lame idea that they finally come up to me n tell it to me .with .a i know its a lame idea i don know y m i even bieng a part of it nd helping her kinda expresion on thier faces .,,loll...


  1. Hey Amn... was so thoughtful of her!
    Come on be a sport n let her do it for u...I am sure it means a lot to her..

    And happy birthday n all the joys to u:-)

  2. Wish you Happy B'day and may you have a rocking b'day celebration.
    Enjoy the surprise which is no longer a surprise for you :p

  3. ohh i din knew u use to read my post n e wayz ..!!

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