17 October 2009

With changing times ...times change..

The sloppy saturday woke up with the the diwali stamp on it this week....
i as usual had a yet another dull diwali.. (...i have been through some real bad shit during earlier diwali compared to that this diwali was way too good if u ask me .. )
as i was sitting in my room writting assignments (yes i do ta at home ...) evry now n then i wud hear bhooom or phoong or the clikering of the lavangi ...n it drove me maddd ......
i was like ... "ohhh my god ... wud u jus !!.. stoppp itt....!!! for haven'sss sake " n then i went to the window n saw these kids doing those dumb things that kids usually do ....n i was suddenly transported back in time
u know how it is sometimes
u see something that reminds u of ur past
yaa i was jus like these kids bak then ...
i used to love all the crakers n the smoke n the rockets ....n the noise..
n the oldies wud always complain bout the noise n all . n i used to think wat losers .. how can they not like alll these noises . isnt that wat its all bout ...isnt diwali all about lights n crackers ..
n i used to think to hell with them ; when i grow up ; i m goin to help these kids with the crackers.. n not be complaining about all the noise n all ..n here i am. not even old yet . in my 20's already finding these crackers annoying (which they actually are ,,!! they r a big nuisance. which should be banned not just because i find them irritating but also because of serious environmental problems. n also because they can be dangerous for kids n for adults likewise .. )
n so i found myself just staring out of the window with a smile on my face looking at these kids enjoying their life ...their tension free life . without n e responsibilty . n without having n e assignments to complete .( somewher down the line .. in our efforts to achieve n grow we have forgotten how to live . its one thing we can learn from these kids.)

n such r the ironies of life .i remember once having read a poem in one of my school books which was bout this leaf that had fallen down n had gone all brown .. n it looked up at all the green leaves..surprisingly not with jealousy. but with a smile cause he saw the irony of life right ther .even he used to laugh at all the fallen leaves from up above ther n used to think he wudn end up like them. n today he knows bettr n smiles at all the leaves who r laughing at him thinking have fun guys cause someday u will fall too .. someday u will not be needed n e more . so enjoy every moment now when u can .
n getting old is perfectly fine as well . its just the process of evolution . when u have had ur share of fun. u get bored n move on as it is the next level
similarly today after 4 years of college when i see the first years making all the nosie n goin ga ga about thier coll today n i sit ther alone in the canteen looking for my friends n thinking wat has changed in the past years u will still find me always weaing a smile on my face ...
i have had my share of fun . i have been ther ,, done that .. n m ready to graduate to the next level .
i don like all things that i use to like earlier on.... like i find crackers as total disrespect for money n environment n irritating . but its fine .with changing times ..times change !!!!


  1. But then again, this thing wont stop, and im still not sure which side to take. I think Diwali this time is louder as compared to last, dont you ?

  2. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  3. Nice post!! Just hope we all change for the better... :)

  4. Gud post Aman....but I think u've raised two issues in this, one being the "Change"(with time),the only permanent thing in this world, being the central theme of the post and the other being the ill-effects of bursting crackers, which too in the backdrop has somewhat the same idea of change. But i wud say that Change is not just bound to time, esp at the spiritual/thought level, the change of thoughts can be brought abt at ne point of time, it just need a trigger, a stimulation, and dats wat u can be!! just sittin and seeing the kids enjoi wont help, just coz u did it someday, doesnt justify the ignorance towards it, coz they enjoy this due to the lack of awareness of the hazards that r gonna result just becoz of a mere celebration of few mins...or may be they're quite ignorant abt it, esp the parents are the one to be blamed for this...if someone cares even a bit for the Life on this earth and realizes the effects of a lil "fun" they r having, sooner or later they r gonna stop doin u can approach and appeal the ppl, atleast the ones u r close to, atleast the ones whom u care abt...(i understand its a diff job, coz even I being well aware of this cudnt even stop my family for this, or say, i havent put in such efforts for it!!, coz somehow we've already accepted that this is not gonna change!!)

    but remember, together, we can CHANGE, and waise bhi agar kuch nahi hone wala, we can atleast try for it a bit towards the conservation of the very base of Life, the environment, Mother Nature, which has given us so much, what r u giving back to her, its a pity and we have to just bring this into the mind frame of our own ppl, kya hoga at the most they wont follow it, but atleast with this in mind , they may feel guilty while doin it!!

    ok I think I'll stop the lecture now...he he..hope havent bored u!! tk care..God bless...^__^

  5. @gaurav: i dont know atleast at my place te diwali was a lil less loder this time but still it irritated me ,,,

    @athirath: aise hi comment kartein reh bhai .thanks ..
    even if the comment doesn make sense still i cherish every comment

    @angha : yah well ....m glad u liked the post

    @ rahul :ya well tihngs around here will never change or atleast i don have the strength to take on the fight. i did wat i cud do bout it ,,
    i blogged bout it ....:!!tats my way of trying to spread awareness ..

  6. hmm.. u've matured..!!
    its the things that u find happiness in..

    we find happyness in our kinda music.. its noise to our elders

    elsers find happyness in loud bhajans.. its noise to us..

    the sources to happyness change every now n then..and as u said change is the only constant..
    so be it diwali crackers.. or our college..things change.. and u change wid them..
    true.. very true..!!

  7. r u turning senile early... itna mat serious ho jaao...

    but seriously, the crackers have begun to bug me too... and FEs and falling leaves too...

  8. Hi Amnn...
    Quite cute...I hate crackers myself n also the idea of growing up...but I do like the transportation to past and back...really gets you analytical in they say nothing is for sure in life except change!
    Keep writing n enlightening..:)


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