05 October 2009

It just wont do ne more

i know no ones goin to read the post after reading the title only ...
people like all funny stuff ,,
i find my self at a point where every creative person hates to be .
a place wher i want to grow up from my dumb but commercial posts to serious meaningful but boring posts ,,
i know what u guys want is a small post which is intrestin enough masala n some nice pic ..
tat doesn take much of an effort to understand
but i m tired of doing things the way u want it to be ,,,
i m bored of jus being gigny arent u ??
so to hell with it i don care if ne one reads my post or not n e more
coz as it is i dont think n e one does .loll
n i need this blog to get to away from my life ,,,,
which is goin to get real stressful starting from tomoro
yeah my happy vaccation days are over .
n its time to kick some butt . well my butt i goin to get kicked n e wyzz so i might as well kick them back .

what do u guys want . ? why have u guys been pushing me around all this time .
m tired of it . i take everthing lightly n life takes advantage of me .
no more it ends tomoro .
nothings goin to do n e more ,,,
kuch bhi chalta nahi hai
i want things my way .
i want to score this time in my exams ...
i want to get a new moblie fone .
i need a bloody vehicle .
i need 4 hrs of pc daily ..
i don want to be in the blaklist this time ,,,
i want my submisions to be a cake walk jus like everyone else's is normally
i m want to defeat maalpani in table tennis ..
i want go out with the best gal in the world ...
i want to make my parents proud of me
i want to go n see ladhak
n m not going to stop n rest now untill i have done all these things ...
u guys shudn have woken me up ....!!!
coz when i wake up n take charge i can be realli mean.
look out guys.....


  1. Tidde, this is called a rant.

  2. did u just watch wake up sid??

    by the way, get those things done, all r great things to complete.

  3. @anagha : thanks ....
    @rishi :
    as a mater of fact i saw wake up sid today after posting this ....

  4. the first person i ever known to be affected by a movie before seeing it... :P

    or was it the other way arnd

  5. Good One!
    I get such motivating jhatkas sometimes, but they are mostly temporary.

  6. wow...i think the title motivated me to read on...and wow again to the very long order list of what u want...i hope they all come true soon enough...all the best:)

  7. @rishi: lol...
    @sanket: yaah but i hope its not temporary this time ...!!
    @suruchi: realli .the title motivated u to read the post.i had thught otherwise ...n e wyzz thnks ..
    @payal:wher have u been ,,,/./??


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