16 April 2009

what women want .......???

okie ....!!so here is some advice from a girl i know all the guys out there who have forever tried to figure out what women want .......?? (click on the pic for a better view ...!!)

is ther ne thing else n e other gal wud like to add just leave a comment ......1!!


  1. one thing that always works..

    everyday.. just say to her ... "you're beautiful"... but only if you mean it.. else it backfires..

  2. Most important of all 'BE URSELF and BE ORIGINAL' coz grls dnt lik fake thngs...hey z it soo difficult 4 u guys to figure out girls...:-)

  3. Hmm if u have an EQ at par wid girls it can be easy i guess...:-)

  4. have to say... mars vs venus thing is too much to handle.. cos if i make any comment over here the girl bandwagon will jump on me..and eat me up..
    so i better not say anything..!!

    now what i'd like you to say to dat frnd of urs.. is a list.. of

    what guys want?

    y is it always the women who want and get everythin haa??

    lol.. never the less.. nice one..!!

  5. hey actually ....!!its always what gals want wat bout guys ....!!!
    i think i shud come up wid one o those lists too ....1!!

    and @karishma ,,,!!
    thnx ...1!

  6. one suggestion remove the fm app take a few seconds to load..n wen ur half way thru the blog..n some freak ass music starts to play...not a good idea..atleast for me...

  7. it is irritatin right ??
    even i felt so but then ther r very few ways to put music on ur blog ..!!
    n e wyz i have taken the widget down ,,,,!!!i was also thinkin bout it ....!!!thanx n e wyzz !!!


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