24 April 2009

Smile even while u file ...!

I m in my 3 rd year of engineerin n i thought i have now prettty much got a hang of the things that go on around here n i was determined that this time around i m goin to make my submissions look as smoooth as a silk tie ..!!(jus so tht u noe ,,we hate submissions .,,,,if ther is ne thing we dread its submisson,,,!!its the only phenomenon we engineers run away from ...!!)
n e wyzz
so this time i took all the precautionary measures... i sat for all the lectures ..submitted all assignments on time

so u wud believe everythin wud be gud after all this but nooo,,,,,,

last week was the submission week ,,,,,
it started wid my assignments missin ,,,,!!!!
followed by this long queue for this other submission (we have 5 files to submit every sem),,,,,,
i had a fight wid one o the guys in the queue ...(i hate queues ,,,,queues have always been frustratin .. even when i was in the school i remember i wud either always come late to avoid the queue coz comin early was out o the question or even if i came on time i wud break the queue..)
so as usual i tried to get in between but he had prob so we had a fight n the prof sent us both out....1!!
by this time i had almost lost my mind ,,,,

then these guys (my college ppl !!my H.O.D)came up wid this new list besides blak list ,,,a list of students who din aatttend a seminar ... or something ..
so my submissions wer held bak ..!! ther wer vivas bieng held ...!! i cudn get my self to study in between all of thiss ...!!so i was on my way bak home all stressed n tensed as to wat will happen ,,,,
btw i have decided to not crib on my blog thanks to yati ...!!so don worry this is not yet another crypost ...!!
n e wyz
so this is what happened

my rick stopped at yetb another of the millons of signals ,,,as usual ,,,,!!! a child beggar came by my rick n asked for money ....!! he wore torn clothes all muddy ,,,,,i guess he was hungry ,,,,,,1!!!i showed him ,,,,my pocket was empty ,,,,1!!(i had the last 50 bucks in my bag ) n he ,,,looked at me for another sec as if he knew i was lying ,,,n then smiled at me n went ,,,,,jus like ta ...@@!!!!
i don know wat it was ,,,but something bout that smile was contagious ,,,,!!a moment later i realised i was smiling too ,,,i don know y exactly but i was smillin !! it made it all go away ,,all the stres all the tension all the frustration ,,,every thin ,,gone ,,!!!i felt relieved i don know y ?? but i did ,,,!! i completely forgot bout my submissions ,,,!!! this lil guy who has been given so much bigger problems of life to face then wat i have ...!!he has no money ,,,!! he has no wher to go ,,,!! god knows he had food !!>>??...n he had been let down my me shhowin him empty pockets ..1!!(which i felt he knew was a fake show ..)he cud have had given me a filthy look or have said something abusive like other beggars do ..but he choose to smile .. !!!

so the next day .. i smiled .. n smiled ...!!may coz i have rarely smiled before ,,,so to compensate ,,,!!mostly becoz it made me feel better ,,,!! n then i smiled while i filed the pappers ,,,11i smiled in the queue ,,,,,n i smiled at the professor ,,,!! is amazin how just a smile can make others smile ,,,n get work done which no other force in the world cud .....
i got thorugh wid my submissons like a walk in the cake :) i know thats not the phrase but to hell wid it i m smilllin ..:)

i don know y but we indians as a race r not so much smiley ,,,!!not all but most of us ,,,!!message to all of u ....plz smile a while n while u smile make others smile coz just a smile can spread miless...!!

n the biggest miracle of all a smile can do is ta it can make a submission look like a joke eeven for an engineer ,,,,!!!....lolll!!!!!


  1. Yes, that's the great thing about submission. Just when you thought everything is fine, some stupid crap goes wrong and you're stuck with it again.

    And that submissions can be smooth if you take a chill, relax, agree to what your prof barks at you with a smile. Very nice post!

  2. one smile can go a long mile...

  3. good old thing...

    17 muscles to smile and 72 to frown.. so chose what u want..

    now u know.. y i am smiling always.. :)

    all about positive energy dude!...

  4. ohk.. seriously.. no leg-pullin intended.. but uhmm.. uhh.. dint dis get just a little too senti haa..?!! are you sure you dint make all this up..?! ;) lol.. kiddin..

  5. no seriously ,,,!!!this is wat happened ,,,!!!


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