09 May 2009

Stereo Type ??///!!

N so i continue to write..........!!!!
almost 5 months ago ....when i started this blog i was all apprhensive bout it ..!!
should i make a blog ,,,should i not make a blog ...!! y shud i make a blog ??? wat for ,,!! wats the use ....??? y wd n e one read it ,,,,!!!

i had been thinkin bout it since quite sometime,,,,,,!!!but it din realli happen untill my inspration came ....!!!(maalpani...)n when maalpani finally made his blog ,,was when i decided to go for it ..,
i wasn sure if i wud be able keep it goin ,,,,,!!ther wer negative things being said ..........>>u will never be able to keep up wid it ,,,,!! u will abandon it in a month ...!!!!
but as time went by..... my intrest in blogging has surprisingly grown instead of dying out(as is the case wid other things i take up !!!!they all get boring in the end ,,,,the same sterotype life bores me...,,, i cant stand n e thing for too long ....n i was afraid ta this will be a big prob in my life ....!!but as this blog proves...!!i don get bored of all the things ;;;jus the things that r borin .....n e wyzz !!!)

wid every post i have the same excitment as i had during my fist few days ...!!!!!
wid every comment they same thrill ...!! wid every template the same rush as i had the first time ...!!

.............>>so for all those ppl who stood by me n have encouraged this blog ......!

i promise u i will make it as intrestin for u guys to read it as it is for me to write n maintain it ..!! i wont let it get boring .....n the one thing that l will see to tha this blog doesn become is ....sterotype ,,,,!! this post symbolises just that change if u understand wat i mean .....!!!!!!

Thankin u all ........!!!!
luv amn ,,,,!!


  1. i again tell u..!!

    more than a blog its a collection of ur thots and ur actions..!!.. and ur daily life..!!..
    which u will read it after 10 years.. and smile..

    like how u wud smile if u happen to read one of the essays that u wud have written when u wer in 8th grade..

    so again i tell.. u..

    blog for urself.. more than anyone!..
    readers will come and go..!!..
    do it for urself.. and it will never become stereo type..!!
    happy blogging!

  2. haan who tho hai .....!!!!
    abe i still have my esaays from 9 th and 10 th std ...!!1tats true they make up for quite a memory .....!!

  3. keep blogging maan... can't wait to read...

    PS: i dunno if ur gonna.. but i dont intend to read them after x yrs... too lazy for that.

  4. ohh i bet u will.,,,,if not all the posts then atleast the ones which r realli close to ur heart ...!!

  5. you noe wat.. readin this makes me wanna blog too.. yeaaa.. srsly..! ;) lol..!

  6. hey so y dont u ??....
    u shud blogg too ,,,,tas a gr8 idea ,,,,!!

  7. We know Aman you can't be boring!!1


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