29 January 2014

"Butt" lightly

Ok So   ..straight from the pervert ville minds of the nymphomaniacs that have come to be my gal pals of .lately .. it so is apparent that ; women eye the buttt of men ...which is quite offensive really ,,,,!! wat exactly do you do that for...... i mean we don mind you guys gazin at our other wise not so shy pee pee ....which also;..... in context of what  i have heard some women find it disgusting ,,,,wats that all about n e ways,,,,
yaa getting back to the butt
see when ever we guys droll over your oh so perfect curves and oversized boobs with nipples pointing skywards poping out of those white wet t shirts that you guys wear..... we are;.... in our holy and pious minds doing grateful things to serve  those specific glorious parts of your otherwise as well beautiful bodies but nonethe less ...!!that makes me  wonder what fancies you to our butss , cause let me warn u ... no guy takes you butt lightly ,,,!!!! (pun intended ) especially the homo phobs that we are ,,,we are surprisingly very offended  by n e hint of emasculation ......i know the whole world conspires feminity with the illuminatti spreading so much so even leonardo di caprio as jordan bellford in the the wolf of wall street teased your subconcious with the idea of nastty sex...
actually sex is about testing boudaries and to take it further but ... butt ?? really !!! i tho m not so sure abut the idea of anal sex with women ,,, i mean theres something that just doesn't connect .. its not about just putting it any where ,,wat fun is that ..??? though  i can udnerstand we deriving pleasure from your submission and permission to defile you in that area ,


so ...wat do u think ...??
was it worth the effort