20 February 2014

Musilms I don hate you

As it happens with all matters of right and wrong , this one too i hope sorts itself out ; not untill just of lately did i realise i had this thing in me . I am intimidated by muslims .
I am an educated citizen from a well off family , I am a punjabi . I was born in Mumbai, but apparently my roots take me back to Pakistan.
As from all of the repeated stories I have heard from my other wise warm and really motivating grandfather  , our family had it's origins in multan a state adjacent to sindh in the dense of pakistan ,where we were  quite rich and well settled apparently.
Numerous times on various occasions I have heard him repeat the whole saga of partion of india. It is horrible to believe the truth of life sometimes ,you too will be moved to the core if you hear him narrate every attrocity and moment of the experience (which i believe he still keeps it alive in him somewhere ) he had to go through during those dark and inhumane days .

While i grew up , I had various muslims friends in my school,
My grandfather always told me to be cautious of them. He sowed in me a seed of fear and hatred knowingly or unknowingly , which has by now so deeply found it's way into my blood and dna that even if try to make an effort to behave normally with a muslim somehow my sub concious refarins them.
Muslims have never been rude to me , they have never hurt me , they have never disrespected me nor have they ever betrayed me , but still i carry in me this spite against them not intentionally but at the sub concious level . Today i confess , I am ashamed of it.
I have always been ashamed of it .

whenever I see a muslim procession celebrating their festivals waving those green flags even though I don't mean to , yet my blood boils down .
n e wayz of lately with all the election fever going on in our country and what with all the political drama going on I happened to have come across a documentary on gujrat roits which moved me to the core ...if you look back in time ...both sides have lost a lot to each other in past 100 years ..this whole issue of Hindus and Muslims ;the grudge  that both of these communities hold against each other can't be tended to just by words .In fact I even realize that  the hurt that both these communities house against each other is so much so that it won't even fair on my part to even ask a five year old boy be it Hindu or Muslim who has lost his mother and father in the whole debacle to forgive and move on does one forgive someone killing their parents right in front of them human should. have to witness such atrocity ...they deserve justice they surely do...but there are thousands of us the new generation ..those who haven't been unfairly treated by the other community who have never fallen pray to n e kind of communal injustice..its to these people I address to when I say ..I m sure u guys have been socially programmed to hate each other too .that's what these powerful people want ..they want to tear you apart and keep the peices for themselves ..but let's not let them do that ...I promise you I have been making a really keen attempt to interact with more and more Muslims and develop an everyday normal warm freindly approach towards them ..I will see to it that no matter what happens to me this seed of hatered does not go down another generation at least in my family ...I urge you guys to do the same ..let's make this environment a happy one with positivity in it ..

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