20 November 2013

You have the choice to stay happy even while doing the things you don't want to do

I knew i had woken up to a crapy morning today  when my relunctant eyes soaked in the first stroke of sunrays... ,,I could feel my stomach twiching and my back was nagging me  in a kind of a protest that aimed   to lure my mind to believe that i was being hard on my self and that i should take it easy today ,,
It's never easy getting out of the sofa the first thing in the mroning ,
I was just one day away from 21st nov 2013 ,now ..For two months this day has been fueling me to keep going back to was finally here .
"just one more day to go" i said to my self while i pulled my self up from the sofa ,,,

itne mein darwaaze pe ghaanti baji , and it was the dhobiwala .....
he had a huge smile on his face .
and you would have seen a lot of people with huge smiles on their faces but this one was genuine ..
u could see it in his eyes he was happy ..
he greeted me and went along staying happy,, the bastard rescued my day .and may be even my life ......!!

this guy has no money , he definately too must be having some dreams some aspirations .everybody has them's not like he likes his job ... who in the world can like the job of being a dhobiwala ...!!
yet this guy has the audacity and the courage to smile in the face of  circumstances ,

we keep fighting our circumstances . most of us ....almost all of us but somehow i have seen that those people who accept thier crcumstances are the only ones who succeed to change their circumstances, and still remain happy ,,,

he has a headon  attitude ,,,today morning ..he was not going to let any thing stop  himself from being happy . it's a personal choice belive it or not.....!!

I have always boasted  about the fact that i never ever get jealous. and that i have a pure heart ,,, that is far from the clutches of evil ... (which is exactly the ooposite about my mind ,,, my dirty mind is fucking all evil.... he fucks with me everyday ,,,, and i have been taking it lightly uptil now ,,, but issi chakkar mein its started to eat up onto my self confidence and my charecter ,,,,, a dirty mind is  more dangerous than a naked lady with beautiful subtle breasts lying on your bed .. and that's exactly why i take it hard on my self now a days ,,,,,but my back is like the fangs of doctor octopus from spider man 2 ,,, they are hard to argue with ,,,, )nonetheless the more i boast about my heart being pure the more eveil seeps in like this jealousy thing ,,,now i was jealous of this broad smile of this dhobwala,,, his face has been haunting me all day ,, tellling me i haev th choice to stay happy while doing the things you don;t want to do ..,

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  1. We all are evil. The end. We are the ones stopping ourselves from being happy. We hav a choice that we ignore


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