22 October 2013

A part of me Hates you ,,,!! as  much as the part of me that aches for you ,,,!!! may be it hates you a lil less than it aches for you ,,,may be that 's y i want you ,,,,you know if you come to think of it i don't want you as in want you want you ..... it's , more of a sycological need ,,,!! a part of me was born while talking to you ... a part of me  that didn;t exist ,,it was created within me while i was thinkin of what to msg you next ,,,!!  that guy is left alone ,,!! cause the vibes of the  hatered that come from my hurt ego reach you through fabric of cosmos ,, may b that;s y u feel it's all fake ,,, cause u with ur careless walls of defense are hard to get attention from ,,,!!
the hopless romantic in me is dying ,,,with every other girl that walks past my vulnerable self ...i can see a monster in me growing ,,, the one who feeds on my hurt ego ,,,..!i wasn;t born this way ..
i believe there cant be any sane 30 single people,,,
if you are 30 and you are single ,,, you are definately damaged ,,,!!

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  1. Oh Boy. Get a grip my Amnnnn!! And y wait till 30 to call a person damaged. Ppl get so even before tht.


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