12 August 2012

I feel like runnning away ,,,,  away to some place real far , real far from all the noise and all the traffic ,,,real far from all the stress of a fucked up life that we lead in this city ,,,far away to some place free of bonds ,, some place where there will be no acquaintances , no string attached no money no nothing.. all you would be having  would be the bottle o beer and a plain whiter canvas of a life that you can start afresh ... paint your own painting .. all over again
fill it with what ever color you want ,,or keep it empty if  you want do whatever you feel like...
when was the last time you led a a life where everyday you woke up u told yourself this is what i wanna do today and did that
i might do that .. !!! some day ... i will do that ,,,
someday ...i will be gone ,,!! gone away from all of you ..


  1. You cannot escape reality. No matter how hard you try, it's always gonna come back to you. I think you can make yourself feel better and YOU most definitely can choose how you wish to live your life. Give it a try and believe me you'll be happy.

    But then again a mini-vacation won't hurt! :)

  2. i know i cant escape reality ,,, but the past y do people keep other peoples past alive y dont they let me forget stuff

    1. try being assertive.. it's alright to be selfish sometimes..the past may haunt you for a while, but it's in your hand to let it go.. Let go!

  3. someday we all go away from the rest of us..
    Past haunts but there comes a time when you learn to ignore it irrespective of the fact that some people do not allow you to do so.

  4. someday we will all go away from the rest of us ,,,??
    red ... its been a while we both have been away from the blogo sphere ...!! wats is up with that ,,,!!


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