29 April 2012

The gold medal

There it was....hanging by the  rusty screw  right besides the certificate it came along with , the golden of it had faded black in some places owing to the amount of time it had spent on that damp blue wall  breathing the air that came through the  window nearby ,,

I can watch it lying like that .all day long. and still not get bored of it .. simply because its all that i have ...
Its all that i have to show for my gold medal....from the world cup that we won for our country .and so it is beautiful.
sometimes when i look at it i wonder if i should have had taken up engineering like my dad wanted me to,,
Ha ha ha can you imagine me in a tie and formal shirt with those tight ass pants and those uncle shoes ...
ha ha ha ha tat would have had been something haan ,,,!!

ya i guess u do what you gotta do ..i m glad i did ...!!
I m glad i walked out on my career to be a hockey player... it was the most bravest thing i ever  gave me the 4 most amazing years of my life ,,
I still remember the day we won the world cup for India
my dad called that night to tell me  that he was glad i didn't listen to him ,,,,(and i totally DID NOT  cry that night not even after listening to that n e wayz )

Parents always have a plan for you ,,,especially Indian parents ,,,they are very protective of you ,,,
it shows how much they care for you but then that is exactly why they mostly always want you to walk the safe path , drive on the lighted street ,,,but you can't let thier fears hold you back .You gotta choose your dreams ,,, and you gotta go out there and run after them ,,,!! I m not saying its goin to be pretty ,...!! look at me
I m 62 today ,,,, i have no money ,my kness don't work any more ... I don't have  much of a family well whatever little family i have they aren't very grateful about me even though they might not show it on the face of it ; cause obviously you don't get paid when you play hockey ,for a profession ...and well your house can't run on a gold medal to show for ,,but i did  what I wanted to do ,,,,,!!
I have always followed my heart I m sure if I had taken up engineering that wouldn't have had been pretty as well
you will always be making choices every second of your life ,,,and at every choice there will always stand the phrase that grass will always be easier on the other side to eat but only if you know why you did what you did will you be able to tell yourself that whatever i have is good enough ...!!
and also always remember ...its going to be ugly where ever you go no matter what you choose only if you expect ugly will you be able to laugh on it and may be just may be u might even be able to change that ..... 


  1. :) When we choose a different path, we atleast have a story to tell. Atleast we don't regret the rest of our lives. It was afterall, our dream- our decision! :)
    Beautifully written :)

  2. totally agree...we gotta follow our own path no matter what!


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