21 August 2012

4th sexual orientation (asexuality)

Today as i was gliding through infinite amount of demeaning depressing words that call themselves the newspaper these days , this one chunk of thoughts  representing a unique perspective  provided some amusement to the otherwise hopeless waste of fairly huge effort

it was regarding this new kind of sexual orientation that seems to be on the rise ,,,
i forgot what they call them selves ,,,I think it was called asexuality or something like that ,
but what they are saying basically is that  they are  over the whole concept of in they are not attracted either to men or to women (or i m guessing not even towards the third sex or other animals for that instance ....(yes animals you heard me right ... i specifically mentioned that here cause ;lately i was exposed to a shocking truth of this one gal who likes to do it with her dog ...!!!yes ..!!! u heard me ...!!1 her DOG ,,,, D O G ,,,!! i mean seriously womun hum log kya kam pad gaye !!?? i was as shocked and as surprised and as grossed out as you are on hearing this but it is the truth believe it or not.. i mean dude draw atleast some line some where n e wayz moving on ))

so yeah they say they are not intrested in sex at all ,,,how about that ...

try picturing your life if you were bored of sex
when her hell of an ass grinds up against your dick while dancing  and you would be grossed out

those curves or those perfectly shaped boobies ,wouldn even so much as tingle your other wise normal
pee pee ,,,,,,,

now what a shame would that be..... but life would be really easy then .,!! 
you would definately be able to focus more on the actual work then ,,,!!
but still what a fucking hame would that be ..
a life without orgasams
it must be  like a cone without the ice cream ,,
, its like having a car but never makingout...
its like blackberry without its bbm service or apple and android without their app stores
its just .. its just such a waste 
none theless 
i found the idea intresting ... not that i m going to follow it or ne thing ,,,!! just a refreshing exposure to something new in this frustratingly repetitive world ,,,!! 


  1. hahahaha!! Well I find the whole concept boring!! not being attracted to either sex...well is so blank. but yeh I prefer asexuality over bestiality. wonder why instead of is BESTiality

    1. ok I din knew they even have a name for it !! bestality what r they thinking ? you surprisingly seem to know the names of all sexual orientations very well ,,,!! you know you seem to be this all so nerdy girl on the outside but deep down u r naaaughty..

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