13 February 2012

Voting is wrong ,,,!!

The morning wind brought along with it the gusty air that had a rare kind of sense to it ,,,!!! the responsible kind,,,,,!!

I woke up to a confused day where "To Vote Or not To vote ?? was the question .,
I m 23 and i have only ever voted once in my life before ,,,

and its not cause i m some irresponsible citizen ,,,,!! there realli isn't ne one out there to vote ...
i see a lot o people taking up this campign of making sure everyone votes .. but what i feel is even before we start doing that .. we should take it upon ourselves to bring up campaign that would result in better candidates standing up for the elections ...
i m almost certain that if the people see a genuine candidate ...!! theyd definately want to come in and vote ,,,!! the thng is today if i vote .. i m not doin n e good to the country i m onli ring it to a harm

so i believe today the problem is not that people don't vote ,,, its that there isn't n eone worth voting for ,,,!!! and true that campaigns tat tell you you should vote aren't wrong i m jus saying that without proper candidates out there this campaigns is like you are trying to convince a person to go and hit his own foot with a hammer ,,,!! its like i m saying that i give this power to this guy who i know will definately come and hunt me for sure and i will whine and crib about it ...!!! and you are forcing me to give hm the power you understand my point
so i don see the point in voting
nonetheless it is a responsibilty given to you by the country ..!!! and also this is the least you can do for the country and if you don't even participate in voting then you don't have the right to crib about the govrnment and thier ways so just so that i can have atleast the right to crib about the government and thier ways i went thier and voted today ,,,
but let me tell you it felt wrong ...!!! a lot needs to change out here....!!1
i say lets change it ...!!! i will try to change it nd before that i will try to change my self ...!!1 i will ty to se to it that better candidates stand up next time ,,,!! i will need your help guys ,,,!!!


  1. That made a lot of sense. I didn't vote this year, (it would've been my 1st time) for pretty much the same reason. Yes, one I was lazy. But majorly coz I didn't believe anyone was worth the vote.

    It's only during the elections you suddenly see them doing things differently. They talk about the changes that will come into effect. There's a lot of social service drama et al. In short, utter rubbish which the commoners somehow believe. It's just beyond me. It's sad to see the pathetic mindset of the people who fall into their traps and then get exploited.

    Yes we need better candidates. Ahem sorry for the long comment :P..

    P.S. first-timer at your hello! :)

  2. Voting ... lol... i havent done that even once, not because am lay, or an "irresponsible CITIZEN" , but , err whom do i vote for is my question.. I started following Politics way back in my 7th grade, and wasnt really impressed one it!!!! ... and then when Rahul Gandhi stepped in claiming to be a youth icon it def did blow my lid ... I mean Youth icon at his age??? rofl ... anyways .. so voting isnt really my cup of tea, but hats off to you for voting atleast once :) . good read btw


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