02 February 2012

even sheldon fuking cooper has a gf

It has come to my notice that i can be a cranky lil bitch sometimes...thanks to a certain some one who by the way is abnoxiously stubborn and very very selfish and and and i know i m definately missing something here.....there was one more name calling i had in my mind for you,,,!!! ,,but i can't remember the proper complaint i had with you ...!! so i m goin to go with you are a hypocrite ...!!actually we all are at some level defying our own words and thoughts and ethics and principles what is right or wrong realli ,,,!! but thats not the point ,,,!,!!
the point is ,,,,!!
i sit out here sippin on this coke can like as if it was beer ,,,!! watching big bang theory cause well i had to divert my mind from messagin her or trying to contact her and well i notice that even the most frustrating person on this earth Dr sheldon cooper has a girl friend ,,,!!!
cheers to that ... even the funniest tv serial ( offcourse obviously after friends ,.) cant cheer me up ...!!!
all it does is make makes me think of her cause she likes bbt

Honestly today i don think i have the right to crib really cause well out of what can only be called as schoking turn of events ........Of lately life has astonishingly changed its color ...!!
it has gone from the big bad bully who would regularly wedgie my balls to this really kind person whoes all of a sudden kind haerted ness towards a special me does bring out the pessimist in me to look at it with its familiar sherock holmes supicious expression....
so ok i wont crib . i would like to thank you ,,,!!

well i poured my out cause i know no one realli reads my blog ne wayz ,,,.


  1. hahaha people do read your frustrated little angel :P
    So wen u crib..dont start form the middle of the story. tell us everything so we punch you with our uninvited comments :P
    Ok sheldon is cute but reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly annoying!
    and he got a gf? I am still stuck watching old seasons in my laptop...tellme whos the girl!

  2. n e wayz ,,,,!! i always try not to post my cribby writes but i had to get it out yesterday night i was soo fukkin iriitated by the fact that even sheldon cooper has a amey for him u know i and i culdn write this down on my fb wall cause then people will think i m needy and sad so i wrote it out here hopin no one wud see it but u always manage to catch my low days don u !?,,,!!1 i write on my high days too ,,,!!! i m a better person too ...just sometimes when in the night u get vulnerable .

    ..i feel exposed ,,,!!

  3. Hahah its fine. Shows u r human. Keep writing.

  4. oooh you earned a reader .. And I totally read this :D ..
    hehehe.. somehow the blog name- the "mush" room suits you.. so mushy :P .. LOL... I agree with RED... you should sort of tell us the whole story so we can give you a big unnecessary already known but not accepting, hearing coz we wrote it comment :P

    But anyway I thought it was cute.. ahem if you're too boyish for the word cute, find another word which you'd like..hhehe :)

  5. ya as a matter of fact i m too boyish for the word cute .. i'll take tat as a "sexy"and i m not mushy either ... tats too girly too loll...!! n e wayz
    if you must know i hit the evitable but that doesn mean it is easy... .serves me right though for i knew wat i was gettin at ,,,!!! but i m hail and hearty now and i so wanna take this post down but cause a lot o ladies have commented lol two ,,,,and i don wanna take their cooments down cause tats how much they mean to me...!! i am going to keep this post up and just hope that no one else reads it ,,,!!


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