06 April 2010

the most intresting scratch on my car ..

its 5 pm ...
i m done with my coll n m on my way bak home .
my dad who usuallly refuses to believe that his 10 year old maruti 800 is a garbage suddenly wakes up this month n within 4 weeks buys a 'new second hand swift' loll..
so i land up with the old white but familar ; so easy to drive maruti ,.which is totally fine by me fact i cudn have asked for n e thing more .(actually on 2 nd thoughts may be a pulsar 220 or 180 atleast or even 150 wud do .. but still even this is fine )

yeah so i get in my car ...!!1
my heads still filled with all the assignments that i have to submit ,,
a lady crosses by so i have to slow down then i race the poor old engine of my maruti yet again .
but before i cud catch speed i hit traffic n i had put on brakes ,,,
i hate traffic .,.its maddening these days ...however to my advantage maruti is a small car n can be zip zapped around the traffic . n especially when its in my hands i like to push the boundarys of my car n see how far can i take it n how efficiently i can command it ...
which can be wrongly intrepeted by others who sit in my car as rash driving .. but i wud like to differ
i have been driving since the past4 years now ,,n besides the initial learning days i haven crashed or bumped or got my car scratched ever..irrespective of whatu guys call as my rash driving

n e wayz moving on in my attempt to see how far can i take my small little car .. i somehow took it a lil too far i guess ,,....
ther was this red swift . exactly like the one my dad bought standing ther . the rear of the swift and the head of the bus had what i thought just enough space for my lil maruti to swoop in or atleast tatss wat i thought ..!!!!!
next thing i know .. we experience a thud n i hear a screathing sound from the left door ..but i was too in to to back out now the bus had started to move so i carried on
it turns out the rear end of the swift the one that buldges out a lil n my left door wer literally rubbing against each other each other ...

(result was a big fat red line all across my whole left side as if it was some kind of a crazy car tatto ,,!!!)

now i pull over my car n before i can get out of my car i see in the side view mirror some one getting out of the swift..i checked my pockets n i had onli 20 buks left with me n right ther i knew i was in deep shit
so i kept to my seat n didnt get out of car ...this person comes over all angry n in order to have a go at me the person bends a lil at my window
it turns out she is this realli realli realli cute chick ....!!!

ps:i will finish the story in the other part .. soorry gtg now


  1. hahahahahahaha....
    cute thi toh.. u could have sold ur maruti and paid for her scratch!!.. lol..

  2. maruti ka 500 bhi nahi ayega be becch ke kuch fayda nahi hai ...

  3. Whoa ! I hope this has a happy ending. Was this after Gaurang and Nupura left ?

  4. lolz~!!:D

    i missed your posts huh..? stay bubbly as always..hehe

  5. @gaurav:: all i can say is it doesn have a sad ending

    @ayu hey thanx .. i will

  6. the fear of paying up was overcome by her cuteness. Hope the ending is sweet and not sad...but you have ended it brilliantly keeping the suspense. Shall wait for the next part :)

  7.’s like you decide to run away when the story became interesting....err...correction...more interesting...:-)

    Some sense of timing there Amn!:-(
    Hurry up n finish your thoughts before you get more scratches and escapades with your little Maruti!

  8. hahahahahaha....
    beta 20 Rs. se jayda hota he nhi hai tere paas kabhi...n nw i undrstand y last nite u were sayin am happy nw v cry gals gals but nw its enuf n u r happy nw...
    must b bcoz of dis incident beta wat did the gal do?????

  9. loll..i know i stopped it out ther purposely ..1!!
    one devils mind i have don i ...;)

  10. ...!!i will tell u the incident in brief .!!! don worry .. tujhe nahi batoounga tho kise batoonga ...!1

  11. never make a cute angry my man... its not good for future... btw whats her no?

  12. how did u know i got her no ...!!??


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