10 April 2010

the gir whoes car i banged ..!!!!

usually when u bump or scratch ur car or some one elses car its a bad thing right ...??
okie imagine this
i scartch my car with this red swift ..which turns out ,belongs to this chick ...~~~
wud u still think banging or scrathing ur car was such a bad thing tat happened to u ..??

lolll ther she is standing at my window saying all nice things .. or wait wer those abuses ..??
ahh doesn matter every word she says is so sweet..
it took me a while to absorb the situation cause this kinda a thing neva happens to me .. neva !!
i always go the theatre or travel by train hoping n praying to god that the seat next to me wud atleast someday be allocated to a gal .. it neva comes ture .. n now when i give up hope .n when i least expect it ..GOD listened ,, or did he made a mistake cause m pretty sure purposely he wud neva want me to meet women m sure he does all he can to keep me away from them...
may be my rahu n khetu wer in the right direction today lolll what eva might be the reason nonetheless the truth stood ther at my window.. i suddenly came to my senses ...

r u blind
dikhayee nahi deta ...??
khadi gaadi ko bhi thok diya ..
gaadi chalne nahi aati tho chalata kyon hai ...??

she was a bit angry ,,(or may be more than a bit )
she looked so cute even when she was so angry ...!!
suddenly she noticed the omg what have i done expression on my face n stopped for a while (or may be she noticed that i was dumb struck by her )
the wierd guy that i m ... i smiled may be on her cuteness or probably on the situation tat i was in
not knowing wat to say..i did the peculiar aman arre arre arre m realli sorry .. n then touched my hiar ...!!
tat worked like a charm ..
it calmed her down a bit ..she was still saying ki dude this is not done n all but she was also at the same time now smillin a bit here n ther...
n e wayz we talkd it out ...!!!
i told her tat i will contact her n fix her car up .!!! n by the end of it all we came to good terms with each other ..!!
infact it all went so nice tat now i m thinkin of doing this on regular basis u know when eva u want to tlk to some new chick .. jus go n bang her car n tats it ..!!1 a whole new way of hitting on gals ,,,,loll hai ki nahi good idea ??? haan GOD works in mysterious ways doesn he ;))


  1. so u gonna bang any good lookin chick that u come across?

  2. yeah .not al chicks onli the ones i realli wanna talk to ..

  3. yeh kya hai????main story toh likha hi nahi....about the girl's father.

  4. theek hai naa girls father wasn worth the mention man ..!!1

  5. moral of the real story : first bang the girls car and then the father bangs you !!

  6. loll kuch paaane ke liye kuch khona padta hai ...
    haar ke jeetne waale ko baazigar khetein hai ....

  7. abe her dad was chilled out guy ,he din beat me up or n e thing ,,,
    he jus said ki dekh chalao meri gaadi ko jyada kuch nahi hua lekin aise hi chalooge tho kisi din tumhe zaroor ho jayega .. lolll

  8. So by now, judging by your huge success...are we seeing a Mrs. Amn on the horizon already, living happily ever after along with Junior Amn, Little miss cute chick and a baby in tow?

    Aaaahhhh! God does work in mysterious ways;-)

  9. wow wow wow ... slow down ...lolll...we haven even held hands yet n if u fill my head with such scarry stuff may be we neva will ,.,,,
    if she finds out bout this blog i m screwed ,,,!!1

  10. Amn, mere bhai...did you want to say, "the girl whose car I banged into" or is the title deliberate?

  11. Nice template, by the way.

  12. Buy the DVD for uncut scenes.

  13. lol the title was not delibrate......!!!
    n yeahh dvds up for sale ,.,,,for the uncut version ...

  14. hum bhi dekhna hai ...aisi kya thi ki tidde ki hosh uda diye

  15. surname bhi pata kar ...fb pe add karte hai =p ....aur amn ki pol kholte hai

  16. Surname PAV VADA hai, Surabhi ka pawvada....khaoo ek baar khaate raho baar baar...jeee haaaan....

  17. after all this ...why were so desperate that u banged the car ???

  18. More apt title - A red Swift that took away Tiddas virginity.

  19. hahahha.... tidde... i like dis.... gud1 .... finally u made me happy today..... go on with ur bangin the0ry..... lolzzzz...

  20. ohhh fuk idhar tho machaand ho raha hai aur mujhe tho pata bhi nahi chala ....!!!

  21. Yes, God works in mysterious ways. Good post and the stream of comments that followed

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