07 February 2010

MR n Mrs Smith ...

mr smith : wow ..when was the last time u dressed like tat for me ...?
mrs smith: yeah right ;like when i m with u ,u want me to dress ,....!! u tear off everything .!!!. i thought u hated clothes on me ...

mr smith : no seriously who u going out with today ..??
mrs smith : brad ... u know the guy u introduced me to the bar last weekend ...!!
mr smith : so u two r hitting off well then...!!!
mrs smith : yeah he is kinda cute ...!! i m hoping today will be the day ...!!! oh how did ur date go last night ....!!!
mr smith : it wasn bad ..but she is not as good as u in bed .u know ;;no wild experients no crazy stuff just plain boring old fashioned ....we should probably keep our voices low she is still in the bedroom ...i want to be gone before she wakes up ...
mrs smith : don worry i will take care of it .. i will tell her tat u r not a good guy .. n then open her to the "already married" suspense ....!!!
mr smith : no i have already told her bout our marriage ....!!!
mrs smith : n she still went out with u ...!!! she must be a bitch .. ahh she desrves it ...!!!
mr smith : loll... what ever i like her so take it easy on her ..!!1..
mrs smith : u like her even more than me ,,,,?
mr smith : may be ..!!!
mrs smith : u son of a bitch ...
mr smith : loll i was just hoarsing around ......u know thers not a chance in the world...
i love u sweety ..
n then he catches her by both his hands around her shoulder looks her straight in her eyes ..
she says she loves him too
n they kiss ....
thier tounges meet she grabs him by his hairs n starts pulling on them
n then the phone rings ... !! the mouths r not willing to leave each other ... but she tears them apart with a hard push to his chest n then grabs the phone ...answers the ring ...!!
hey brad ..... how u doing ,,,,, then looks at mr smith : whoes lips r still locked in the exact same position as they wer when he was kissing her...
n then she winks ,,,,,
n he smiles ....

do love n sex have to be related together ...??
cant it be that u love someone with all ur herat n stilll keep having strong physical feelings for others....?
i mean y is it such a big deal in a relationship if u sleep with someone else ....??
see mr n mrs smith r doing fine ...rnt they ...!!??
(thats another thing that they r a figment of my immagination..;p produced strictly to bring forth one point ....
do love n sex have to be connected ??!! )


  1. love and sex are completely unrelated stuff.. yet totally related...

    love is emotional attachment.. while sex is physical attachment.. unless u have both u wont be satisfied ... in our society it's felt that one mate should provide both needs however our misguided search for this always leads to an unfulfilled life.

    PS: have u written something like this before... (not as a skit but as a essay on the blog)?

  2. no i don think i have written something on this issue before

  3. aww...i miss watching this cartoon way-back my childhood days ^_^

    (P.S. if you'll reply to this comment..pls. put it in my blog's comment box so that i can update my comments :D)

  4. ( / ・ω・)//!!! happy hearts day and happy Chinese new year :3

  5. i dont think i can really answer your questions...but yes...i loved what you hav surely caught my eye.. ;)

  6. i m glad u liked ...!!n hey y not ...?? y cant u answer ....??

  7. nice conversation between Mr and Mrs Smith..

  8. Again I think it's all about choice and perception. For you it might not matter, but for me, it does. I mean I cannot be physically intimate with someone if I don't love him with all my heart. For me sex comes with love, It's just a part of it. Sex would be one way of expressing my love.

    I cannot love one person and be physically intimate with another. It would defy my moral conscience. Also hailing from a conservative family, I think it's something we're taught since childhood. But let's not get there. For me, I think it would be cheating/infidelity if you mate with someone and love another.

    But hey. by no means am I judging you. It's just your way and this is mine. :)


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