07 January 2010

kash mir ....

i have a lot to write right now .. but m jus so god damn excited tat i cant get myself to write bout n e thinng else ....
my mind keeps drifiting back to it ,,,,,
yes people . i m finally going to kashmir hopefully even ladak ...tat will be one tick mark from my things to do list
i had thought i wud leave u guys wid an actual awesome post just like the previous one .. but m soory my brain is decieving me .. playing tricks on me . it keeps going bak to
i m leaving today 7 am in the morning on the train .. so untill i get bak which will be almost bout 10 days from now ,,,i wont be able to keep up wid the blogging so bear wid me ...!!


  1. hey aman!
    have fun :)
    we'll miss you :)

  2. Hey buddy, Have fun. Njoi...and write about Kashmir!

  3. you going to kashmir !!!! .. what a way to begin 2010 !

  4. Necessity is the mother of invention..........................

  5. Wow cool I would love to go to Kashmir. For sure I will one day (even if my government still forbids us, one day I just will...). How was it? And did you get to Ladakh? (I will be shocked if you did!). Tell all. Let me live vicariously through you :D


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