01 October 2009

Y do men have Nipples ...!!!??

does n e one of u remember dil kabbadi ,,,,
yeah the funny sex comedy that it was suppposed to be ....n all ,,, with rahul bose ,,,soha ali khan (oh ,,who btw i use to like even before she started doing films ...) n irfan khan and konkona sen ...!!1
the film didnt realli live upto all the hype i had heard bout it ..but nonetheless it was a good flick .. worth catching if u r jus lookin for plane entertainment ...!!!

n e wayz ...!!1 rahul bose's charecter comes up wid this question .....

n it reaalli got me ...!!1
i laughed at tat a lot n then gave it a thought ...!!
it sounds dumb at first if u listen to the statement ...!!1
but if u think bout it mman .u might actually find urslef confused ...@@@

i mean seriously Y DO WE NEED NIPPLES ..??
its not like we have to feed the baby or something ...!!
what pupose do they serve
what was GOD thinking while making those......
""okie lets do something ...crazy ..jus for fun lets give these men some nipples ....!!"
haaan ?
so i thought i shuld riddle ur mind with the queery ///....!!!
as to what do u think ...
y did god gave men nipples ,,,,???


  1. for the same reason "women have brains"

  2. ha ha...Aman...quite a thought...but the reason men have nipples is quite scientific...actually when a child is in mothers womb, the nipples are formed before the formation of genitals, i.e., even before the sex of the child is decided.. otherwise, they serve no purpose for men...its just that we have it by Default!!

  3. @ rishi :loll...!!!
    do women have brains ??
    well i din knew ta ////....111

    n rahul ..: i din knew ta either ....!!1

  4. Tidde, never knew you blogged. And what a topic, lol.

  5. Rishi WTF!
    The feminist in me is very offended :p

    @Amnn: So I read this a long time ago. Men used to have breasts to. They shrunk and became non-existent, but the nipples remained. It does have a purpose. try googling it or something :P

    P.S. I loved Dil Kabadi

  6. okie first of all i agree wid u totally ...rishi tat is so insensitive of u seriously very very bad...!!!(yaaah ignore my comment .. i din realli mean ta .. i jus said it coz i thought it wud make rishi happpy .. so rishi u r resposible) loll comeone u know we din mean it

    n e wyzz .. n omg ... men with nipples was absurd enough ... now u have filled my head with men and thier breats ....!!! u have no idead wat u have done .. u have messed up by brain.. i cant see the world as it is n e more....!!!

  7. never dare u look below my neck!!!

    and @lavender i'm never offensive.. i'm just ... irresponsible

  8. @Rishi- How rude :P ..

    @Amnn- I actually googled it .. and I found an interesting answer, so I'll share it..

    Male Breasts Can Produce Milk and Get Breast Cancer
    A certain level of the female hormone estrogen is present in all men. If, as a result of disease or a condition affecting hormones, breast tissue in men can grow (gynecomastia- abnormal enlargement of breasts,) and men can produce milk.

    Gynacomastia is more commonly seen in adolescence, a period in development when hormones fluctuate a lot. It is also seen in some men with liver disease and sometimes in alcoholics.

    Men can get breast cancer as well as women.

    Happy Milking :P


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