04 September 2009


okie u wanna hear something funny
alright ...see jus a few days back ... i happened to have"accidentally.".!!! come across this porn site ..(well jus so tat u know i have stressed upon the fact that i had acccidently fallen upon this porn site .. by highlighting it so tat it is crystal clear ta i m not one of those guys who visits porn sites if u can believe tat .....!!!loll..i believe they r for kids but tats a completely different topic n e wayz ) the funnny part it hit me ther was ... when i reached the sites homepage . it said in big bold letters ,,,,,!!!!!



n besides it was this reallli amazin freakishly hot women leaning on the pole wearin wat cud be described as a transparent dress ta reavealed all that it was supposed to hide ; defying its whole purpose ...(i don know y then wear the dress at all ,seriously ,,,,,,)

nonetheless .....wat do i care bout the dress ....

n e wyzz/ i was thinkin yeah right like if i was under 18 after seeing wat i saw ,,,,,i wud surely return back n not hit enter .....!!!!!
y the fuck would they write such stuff ,,,,, wat purpose does it serve ...???
n then i relised ther r a host of other things like if u have ever had a close look at a pack of ciggarates it is written out ther that i m dangerous to health n can cause mouth cancer or lung cancer ...or bla bla bla as if ,,, this lil note o thiers might ring some bell in the persons mind who is consuming it ,,,,,,
dumb people
okie i know its a government rule ta cigaratte packs need to contain that warning...
but this was jus a joke man ... don try to apply logic.. jus giggle ur ribs with the irony as i wud like to think so n move on .. u moreon
now ther r a volley of other things i cud throw at u right now to entertain u ...but i might as well save my topics for later .. see ya suckerss,,,,


  1. ya.. y are only cigarettes being targetted.. we should label everything..

    RGV movies: warning, they might bore you to death

    Alcohol: warning, this might make u cool things

    Re-bull: warning, this is a drink which acts like alc+coffee

    K-serials: warning, run for ur life! aaaaaa

    Sach ka saamna: warning, if ur watching this with ur parents, they will ask the questions too

    Flash cards: warning, everything u'll from now on will be yellow

    mobile: warning, using it can cause cancer, tumor, numbness, infertility and exorbitant bills

  2. lolll.,. yaah
    n they shud label himesh reshamiya's songs hear at ur own risk ...
    and ...wester railways the no one killer
    fame adlabs over priced fuk all theatres
    ur mom n dad ask questions too while watching sach ka samna ...i thought it was onli my parents ..!!!

  3. Agree with you that some things feel so out of place like the cigarette thing. But nothing can be done, our government feels increasing the font of warning is the solution. Seriously dumb!!

  4. my parents haven't asked me yet... mainly coz its sports centre time...

    but i've heard complaints and fusses


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