14 June 2009

TO MY BABY BRO ....!!!

yesterday ,,,was the day the results of std 12 th ///cet ...year 2009 wer supposed to be out ....!!!!!
so it wa a big day for my kid brother ,,,,!!!1not a kid n e more ...!!!
guys he scored 182 on 200 ...!!!
the guy fuked his ass up for fuking 2 years ...!! i use to see him study ,,,,!!1 these guys study a lot ...!!!
sometimes i think ....if i was born jus a year or 2 yrs younger ...i m not sure if i cud handle the competion ...!! i meani don think i wud have made it to wher i m .. if i wer jus a year younger ,,,,
i wudn have got admissions ne where wid the kind a marks i had got ....!!!!!lolllllll ...1!!!
but this post is not bout me ....11 its bout him ....!!!1
dude ,,,,,u have made us proud ..!!!1 u r gonna be a fukking doctor ....!!!! tats all matters ....11!!!
dude ,,,, keep up the good work ....!!!!wish u success in what ever u do ...!!!!!

here's to manan !!!!!
cheeeersss !!!!


  1. awesome man!..

    study hard party harder.. has always been his motto..!!


  2. glad to know your appriciation AMAN-

    youve put it pen to paper :)


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