28 June 2016

you cant aways get wat want
but if your try some times
you might find
youl get what you need
and so one must convert thier wants into needs to achieve them

this is also in sync with the worldly tendency of moving to action only in the face of a wishful disaster ...

so what i mean is
If you want another high paying job
you have been trying to apply at so  many places , but nothings materialising

what you need to do is quit your current job
now in this scenario getting another job becomes you top prioirty need and its no longs just a luxurious want ...
you have burned the bridge ,,,,and so now youl find finding another job is comes naturally to you ...!!

life has some miracles in store for you , there are energies in the universe thats looking after you ... you wont starve to death , you migh die of suffocation though if you dont let yourself free ...!! 

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