22 August 2015

Tolerance for faliure

Every once in a while an urge in me surges and surfaces ,its that time of the year when i yearn to believe the special in me , life has taken complete control over the past 8 months and i had little choice but to follow ,suite....but it's starting to get comfortable again and my leashes are breaking's becoming increasing difficult for me to tolerate the unnecessary in's becoming more and more harder for me to keep my self under check again ..... i can sense freedom around the corner ,,, the future never seemed as unstable before , my choices were never this hard before to make ,,, but to please others is not my responsibility , i have things to do ... places to go ,,people to lead and a world to change ,,,,,every great achievement requires great sacrifices ,, we choose our paths and we choose our actions we can't control the results .. but we can control how we feel about them and that is what i needed to learn
The past 8 months have taught me well .. the knowledge i gained about the powers of your heart and beliefs is mystical .... it's though ....I have failed a lot and i have a high tolerance for failure but the best and worst of my failures is having loved and lost ...
have you ever loved and lost ...its the best kind of loss ,,,
it takes from you just as much as it has to offer to you .....provided you make an effort to recognize the value of the wisdom that a broken heart suddenly acquires
Loving someone needs courage .. and wounds of the soul are the deepest when they carved out of love lost .....nonetheless ....

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