29 August 2015

It's about time we grew up

On my lone 25 day trip to leh i took with me a downloaded copy of a very unique The signifinace of which being that this particular book was one of the books that steve jobs always had with him during his time in the 70s just before the apple was founded .......and this psychedelic book with its intresting caricatures only said one and one thing over and over again ...
To enter the kingdom of heaven you must learn to become children again ,,,,!!!!

it said this in a real sensous ,arousing ,sub concious dangling ,pictorial ways that one can't even imagine ..

this is one stance that i have always held any which ways..
I have always refused from growing up... . i have had more than few blog posts reovlting against it ..
but as and when more and more time passes by , i have been coming to realise that the goon in me , the real me need  to be toned down ,

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