16 June 2014

mann tho karta hai ki naa kar doon par sex ko kaise naa karoon

ya so this post encompasses my emotions today as i sat across a couple so irritatingly mushy at mac donalds in rajiv chowk delhi (ya i cant spell cannot place so i choose to go with rajiv chowk loll..ya i m in delhi i was enroute to jammu so tat i could go to leh but i was up all night in the train and thinking and finally thought it best to change my plan ...and to get down at delhi instead and take the manali route to leh ...n e which ways as a result of which i ended up at cannot place.(wat a funny name tat is ).....all alone now i tried calling my friends but both were in their mundane ass monday jobs so i went to macdonalds at cannot place which was so full that i had to share a table with this cute to the extent of irritating couple ...) so they jus made me so frustrated at the fact that i was all alone tat night tat it i almost vowed tat if ever in thenear future all the  chicks that desert me come back to me ..i say no to them but then i thought twice ....and i m thinking of a situation in the future where by some miraculous destiny which is  destined to happen n e which ways i become overtly successfull and these girls come crawling back to me and i m imaging the moment when i will say no with pride but m having difficulty finding that pride ....loll i dont think i can ever be proud enough to give up on love or wat u guys would call it  sex...which is just such a cheap way to think of it guys .u need to learn some chivlary ..seriously

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  1. hahahaha.. thats why i always say.. tujhe koi bhi chalegi...


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