20 May 2014

2015 .the year of coming ...

who i m is a place in my head that has been rendered so fragile over the years due to constant bombarding of judgements and self doubts. that it cripples and falls under the slightest test of fear's been made to believe that in the world . unless you have money .u r not valuable ....which is total  bullshit . you are valuable no matter what is the absolute truth ..if you base yourself on the pillars of knowing better and doing the right thing fighting battles and living in present ; if you don:t allow yourself to get carried away with the slightest hint of moneylessness and keep your cool and do your shit for the good of all then you are bound to come through......having said that i don't mean to say having money isn't important ...but judging yourself on it ..or loosing self confidence in absence of it are surely going to lead you to follow the haunts of the normal coporatr life ....hence i have been building a new me in my head one who knows y he is doing what he is doing ....who fetches self confidence from his abilities not his bank balance and one who belives his time is bout to come ......i can see things ....i can feel life ..haven't lived like this since i was 17 ....magical times they were...and miracle times await us ..ladakh is my redemption ..its my pilgrimage i m hoping will deliver me from all doubts and self pityness and deliver and prepare me for 2015 ......2015 it is's come's time ..acche din aane waale hai

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