10 May 2014

the nature of love is very evidently to derive pleasure from the watching a budding romance go down it's virally spun web towards it's own distress...Its funny .. .you know what I think ...I think ,, love thrives on innocence ..Its its perfect food ... love will deceive you with naïve moments of joyfulness up and utill  you feed it with innocence .. the day you stand up for yourself ... love goes hungry ... and that day it'll desert you as well as your partner .. and you your partner who are inherently caring and innocent people are left around wandering along the winds of the lust and jealousy and get back at par with one another wondering how they end up here like this  ..It  ends up,,with  you  consuming wounds that change a part of your soul into the dark ,,,,it's an obvious worthless bargain to love yet .. those moments of naïve joyousness that you once experience you can't live without ,,,,,


  1. so true :) been there but i also hope that it is the same love which brings back the innocence... and hope my friend is what life thrives on :)

  2. ha h h ah haha hopeful optimist .i see you are ,,,,good to see one ,,,,


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