08 April 2014

Don't plan it all .. leave some for the fate...

you know how you plan stuff when you want to go on a trip , you book hotels and train tickets .. ya , our's was never a group like that . We take off when we want where we want .I see these people all around me planning stuff to achieve things as if they can control life . life happens , and it happens bad when you try to contain it . If you let life flow it can be breezy lol.

Any ways to cut a long story short and before i dawn my condescending self ;let me tell you what happened , me and my friends ,we experienced a little pampering by fate when we were given lift back home by these rapplers who we ran into on our (lost) way back down this trek .

so the bottom line is .You know what ...yes you can plan , you can plan a spaceship land onto the moon with the precision of one tenth of a meter .The illusion of control gifted to us is that powerfull however i will advice you not to  do so ,,
Don't plan ,,
Don't plan everything down to the precision of one tenth of meter .. leave some space for fate to intervene ,and drift with flow of the universe to realise a path more apt for you then what you could have ever comprehended

ps: the post ends here .. this is it ..
read on if you are still not bored ...loll but don't count it in while you judge the post i tho had kept it short and sweet you are the one who is still reading it ,,,,,

As i was hasting down those deceptively cunning steps of stones along the slopes of  shayadris something of great value dawned unto myself ..

The story goes ......;me and my friends went for this trek along the hills and we had it all planned , we set out all well prepared ,.on reaching the destination we  borrow local help and we reach our spot on time , just as plan; how ever once up there everything falls apart , no wind , no shade no place to sit and locals wanted their part out ,.... The intresting part of the trek was it was supposed to be a rarely embarked upon trek and so we were a little lonely all along the way , and when i say lonely i mean we were the only ones , besides the trek has been known to often make people lose their way and get stuck in places of no return ,infact rumor had it that 4 friends got stuck on the cliff just a week ago , and they had to wait there for 4 days before they were found and rescued , the very reason why we borrowed local help in the first place , so you would understand when i say we were in a delima .

We were left with a crucial choice to make should we return with  locals or should we drift away in the breezyness of the wind  for a little longer and then leave ourselves at the hands of was nothing but the instinct that told me that i wasn't going down so easy , and time was yet to come for the return, and so we stay ,not worrying about how to get to get down .

when the time came ..we did loose ourselves  .The sun was teasing us with its fast pace towards the south of the west ..lolll and we scrambled miserably along the merciless slopes of the great hill  desperately hoping for some help , as it turns out there is this tourist group that had setup rappling along this hell o of a scary peek , who could have planned that ,,,,,and to cut a long story short we were saved  , n e ways it turns out beacuse of our endavour we had infact managed to climb from one side of the hill and had come down from the other end,, which help us  cover the whole hill ,and these tourist people not only showed us the way down hill but also gave us free lift back home , not to mention we also got to rapple along those deadly peeks.....and it turned out to be an ever more better trek then what we could have ever planned it to be . had we left with the locals we would have been home all gumpy about the stupid shayadris with its stupid locals ...
So i guess when you find yourself helpless next time looking at your plans and wondering why are they falling apart ,,,just leave it on fate ....!! you can plan everything but you shouldnt ,, leave some space in your plan for the fate to intervene


  1. Yeaaaaaaaaaaah man !! Plans always don't work !! There are certain things , we can't do anything about !! if we could have , there would be no illusion term as "god" .. but do plan it for better !!

  2. pretty nice blog, following :)


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