24 February 2013

Of learnings

one of the most intresting things that dawned onto me this useless yet important of a week is that
Sucess doesn't come without faliure ,,,!!! and i know how stupid it sounds when you hear it ... but i dont think we actually realise the imporatnce of this ...! and its implifications with its ramifications ..!
me and my kid brtoher were having yet another one of our night footbal discussions about whoes the ultimate striker and while we do have some clearly distinct candidates for the same there isn't one soul on this whole God forsaken planet who can garuntee you a goal even if you land everything right with him  ..1!!
not even lionel messi scores with every shot he takes ,,!!! and leave aside scoring  you cant even gaurantee that his shot will be on target even if he is the best player in this world and even if he is in the most comfortable situation infront of the goal with the ball in his legs .

So the conclusion is everyone and everything fails ,,,... failing doesn imply ur beliefs were wrong and that you abandon them and start looking for new beliefs that will garuntee you success no ...!! theres onli one belief that can take you towards success as closely as anything else in this world ,,, and that belief is believing that you can do it and that you are the best that there is out there and that despite all of the times you may have failed if theres any one who can do it .. it is  you ,,,soo...

Dont strive for medocrity ,.,, attack your fears ...!!
the best way to make decisions is to set your prorities right ,,,
if you know your priorites then making decisions become easy ...!!
its not a matter of making people feel good or bad ... its not matter of being tired or not its not an emotional matter that will take you away from ur destiny no .. its just a matter of your priorites ...!!!


  1. Now I feel your comment was justified.
    Mediocre life....its for the person to choose. If someone let you go or forced you to let her go, just let it be. I am sure that person must be in a emotional wreck right now and so are you. Just let it be. Life will tell her if her decision was right or her priorities were set right..and u cannot be the savior.


  2. and there i was thinking no body reads my blogs atleast i can vent stuff out here ...!! i have to take posts down now ,,,! people do read fb posts then ,,,!!

  3. wat the hell is breath ,,,,..its breathe,,,!!
    and u breathe ,,,!! i m breathing perfectly normal ...!!

    1. Now I notice u deleted ur previous posts. Funny thing is u r anonymous and still give a damn about venting in public. And yes its breathe, ignore the typo error if possible.And yes...I will breathe normal .

      Since u dnt want comments...I shall not from now on :)

  4. on thinking twice may b at some level i did write this so that it reaches u ,,somime someway or another ,! self respect zero hai mera ..loll!!!


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