24 October 2012

I can pull of batman ...!!

In this world full of intricate .. amusing ..delightfull .. disturbing .lustful erotic deliciously exhausting  engaging things .. you are meant to  losse sight of that what is most important urgent required of you .
that what you need to do ,
and the funniest part is for the most part of it you don't even know what is it that you need to do .....
but still there something about those fun times that we have when we meet up . hang out ,, paaartayee that just feels like such a waste of time now a days ,,,,i don't know if its just me .. may be its just me know ...may be i m growing old now with those cheeks of mine finally filling up like my nani always wanted them to be (little does she know ;  its not her oily parathas  but sweet old beer that got the job done ,.. i have developed  not only a good enough tummy that can qualify for a 2months pregnant women but aalso man boobs ,,,ya one might even call them moobs as payal  pointed out to me other day ,,, it was one of the rarest nice jokes she carcked .. she is mostly full of gubarewallas ,,dude if you send me one more of those gunarewala jokes i swear ill throw ur galaxy ace duos in gutter .... or ill hack it and then ill lock it forever ,,...!!loll u must think i m crazy man talkin shit that like that probably wont be able to make sense of most if it any ways .....)so i was saying

yaa we first need to focus on what it is that we need to focus ,on,,loll..
you know like if you were batman ...and you had the choice to save the world ...would you save the world ?
h ha ha ha fuck u .. u r not cool enough to pull of batman ... lol u r not even cool enough to pull of batmans butler ,,, ha ha h ah aha ha ha ah ah

n e wayz ,,,seee how distacted i am .. on top of that when i think about ur lips .. and your eyes and when i think about how your eyes look at me .and how ur lips move and see ur oh so perfect curvess  something in me changes ...  my pee pee .to be precise lol  it wants to go places it tell me dark warm places where it will be loved and caressed by your lovely vegina ,,,!!...while at same time i know ... i m wasting my time .here with you cause firstly ....well i know I am just ur back up ....girls now days just wanan fun ,,,hell i am not complaining fun away girls have as much fun as you want I am here for you ...and 2nd ly  .majorly . cause obviously i could be out there changing the world or saving it from the bad guys  cause i m cool enough to pull off batman .hell i m cool enough to pull of iron man ..HAAA HAAA ...loll yeh thoda jayda ho gaya .. i cn never pull of robert downey jr ... that guy i swear to god can  make alpichino look like he is some uncool cousin  of /...gangnam style
oo oo oooo opam gangnam style ,,,
oooooooooooooooo sexaaaye laadyeee ,,,,


  1. This is like an epic drunk man talk :/
    Lets do the horse dance shall we...Oppa gangnam ishtyle!!! Opp Opp OPPP

  2. yaaah and the most funny part is i wasn even drunk ,,,this when i am in my full senses think what crap id blurt if i drink and write also always i follow up the gangnam horse dance with the I am sexy and i know it .. wiggle wiggle wiggle wigggle yeaah ,,
    a wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle yeah
    a lilll wiggle now ,, and lill wigglle yeah mm


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