04 January 2012


we r all alone ..!!!
i just feel it today cause this is what i choose for myself ....
i sit out here in my down house feeling the emptiness which i got to admit is a lot to more to take than what i thought it would be ,,

And there i was thinking i could spend all my life all by myself ,,,
i can see now why people may want to have relationships...they never made sense to me earlier
cool m still good though ,,,
gota clear my mess up....!!
its just that
i don like livin ,,,,, its too much of a work ,,,,don get me wrong though its beautiful God
u know like the trees the sunlight the moon ,,,, her face her smile her boobs every gals boobs for that matter actually boobs are amazing god ,,, good job there ..u shud come down here sometime ,,, see it for urself ,,,and not just the good parts,, world every bit of it ,,,the dirt the filth and the beauty all of it is magnificient... no doubt even the ironies ,,,, actually i enjoy the ironies the most ,,,,,
but there is something missing ,,,,a purpose ,,,,may be ,,,,you r selfish that way God ....u keep your purpose hidden ,,,,,,

i believe i understand you God ....i think i know you pretty darn selfish prick ha ha .
actually if you go to see it like that i also believe i understand women .. so well ya you can't realli question n e ones beliefs now can you ??


  1. Oh yes...the secret PURPOSE! Life would have been so easy is we all had DIRECTIONS given to us...or better still a MAP!!

  2. i have got lonliness ...
    i appreciate filth and beauty both at the same time and ask god to come down and see boobs for himslf and of all this
    tat is what u take from the post ....?/ loll i m jus kiddin ,,,!! love ur comment every bit of i rarely get one !!

  3. I did laugh at the boob part my boy, I just forgot to include it in the comment, esp coz m commenting frm my phone.
    And abt ur comment on my last post in my blog, I knw u r right. But I was just trying to write something different whIch I see happenning around. Not just frm the woman's side but frm a man's side too. Sometimes they hold on and because f the frustration in the relationship they start cheating each other behind the back. I dnt understand why the love goes away and hw can ppl just hold on n not leave. I dnt understand it at all. So just wrote to c the comments. Also the story is just a figment f my imagination. Nothing of tht sort happened wimme. M just 22!
    Thanks man for reading!

    1. Loneliness and emptiness are necessary because they make u realise the beauty of companionship and still better, make u value relationships.
      Heartbreaks are necessary to make u humble and strong AND to ensure u practice what u preach. Heartbreaks are reli overrated and not a big deal.Shit happens, move on.

      God....has left this purpose in life secret so that "YOU" can discover it and then experience the beauty of it to the fullest.

      I read this somewhere, god gives us emptiness,troubles and issues to stretch us to the maximum of our elasticity, so that when we receive, we receive ALL of what's in store for us.And, there's abundance.

      If there was no- NO, u would never know the beauty of a yes.

      And while you're discovering the secret purpose of life, enjoy every bit of it and maybe record every bit of it for times to come. One day you'll look back and KNOW, every bit of it was SO worth it.

      Keep writing, its an elixir for writers.

      Cheers! :)

    2. yup while i do keep writtin id encourage you guys to keep commenting cause even tat is an elixir for us writers ,...!!!lolll,,,,
      thanks ,,,,!!

  4. actually i wud have wantd you guys to read the post beneath this one ..cause well this one doesn put me in the best of lights ...!! this post was on a low day ,,,!!1 though it still vibrates with high energy but it is over shadowing by latest effort at writting and that is the post beneath ,,,!!!


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