11 January 2012

Goa ,,,,,1!!

It has been almost 2 month now,,into the new year already ...,!!
times rolling like a weed joint just flying away like smoke in the air ,,,,
(I have broken both my new year resolutions by now loll) and yet i still seem to have not recovered totally from the soul soothing place that Goa ,was this december,,!!

every now and then i find myself goin back to the lanes of titos and curlies and anjuna and baga over and over just reminiscening the experiences with those who you rarely know still you share this deep bond with
when you are in Goa the air only feels like this affectionate company of this really warm drunk woman ,,whoes only aim in life is to pamper you and so you just have to open up to her like a tortise uncurling from its shell ,,,to your purest most nakedest form ( not neccesarily to make love... ),,!!
and so your not the you, you pretend to be everywhere else ... instead you are the you , you actaully are
you are stripped of of all your worries and concerns which is why all the people around you are so much fun ..and you are not bound by the conciousness jus flow with the wind ,,,,!!1 jus do wateva feel like ,,,its like you set your soul free ,,,
i don know y we don't live that way everday ....!!

one thing bout Goa when you go there its not the firangs that realli blow your mind away but rather the desi chiks goin wild is what you find enticing i mean ya obviously there are a thousand more diff reasons about Goa that make it so unforgetfull
and even though my 31 st was ruined cause well the baga beach was as crowded as mumbai local train at 11 am in the morning and plus there was no moon ....and also the fact that the Goa was unreasonably expensive .. i could have gotten a marriot room for 5000 buks a day it stilll manages to make you feel like your trip was worth it and not just that ... i think i just might have left a part of my soul there this time cause well i just cant seem to come around ....

so cheers to goa ,,,,!!!!! i wanna goo there aaagainnn ,,,,,,,,!!!


  1. Every one leaves a part of their soul in Goa :) :)

  2. Goa Goa Goa...anjunaaaaaaaaa...curlis!! I MISS IT!!!


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