29 August 2011

"I"and "me" aaoww ,,!!

Today as i sat ,,yet again,,reviewing the events unfolded onto me by time ; I happen to have strolled across an amazin Amazin stream of thots tat when put together mAde up for a confusingly beautiful but horrifying realistaion .
n the closest way to explain it to u guys in laymens terms so that everyone understands n appreciates its beauty.. ..and..but the same time ..crticise it for what it is ,,,!! is this way

take myself to be not one but 2 persons
for instance let the two persons be "i" and "me"
(yes i m made of 2 persons they r i and me )
and the relation between i and me is pretty similar to the relation that exists between our governments and us

"i" keeps lyin to "me" ..
and still me keeps listenin to and keeps doin wateva i asks it to do ...
not beacuse me doesn knows tat i is lyin to him. he knows it very well .. he can tell the right from wrong.. but he still chooses to shut his eyes and keep doin wat eva i asks him to do..

u wanna know y ...??
the reason is that me doesn wants to go against i .. i is very pushy ,,,!!
if u piss off i .. i will nag u
i will nag u with uter determination.
.i knows a lot o dirty triks and blak magic out ther
i knows me's weaknesses ,, he usses it to keep me in control ,,!!

to go against i ,me will have to show a lot of charecter .. me will have to show courage ...n me will have to show strenght
but me is weak .. it doesn have charecter ,, has lost its strenght and never knew wher to find courage from ..!1 so it chooses to pretend to not know tat wat i is askin it to do will lead to a path of destruction of me ..
me chooses convenience
me is doomed ,,,!!
me is pathetic .. it should be called meaaooww u puss ...!!

gandhi said be the change u want to see in this world ...!!
its time..... me ......u woke up ...u dumb ass


  1. i think u r me nd i m i .............wat do u think............;p

  2. i think u r nobady coz u e anonymous

  3. that actually made sense:-)
    for all the i-ing and me-ing:-)

  4. it did ..!1 good sense or bad sense ?? loll it was suppose to make bad sense ,.,!1

  5. I really liked it!
    Coming around, are we? :P

  6. Nice post...My 2 friends 'I' and 'Me' also keep fighting. I love the fight

  7. Me and I are confused after reading your post...
    But they agree that they still loved reading it :P

  8. for all the confusion with the I and Me, it made sense. :)


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