31 May 2011

Shit happens ,,,!!!

How long can u take it before u break ..!!?
failure is like a disease its thier in the air ,..!1 u catch it once it refuses to leave ur side ...
even before u know it people around u change ,,..their eyes taunt u with the loser tag ,,!
ther was a time when u were fearless ,,,.. there was nothin in ur mind that read i cant do ..
but with consistent persistence of the failure tat is determined to stik by u.. u come to develope a kind of a self doubt ...its the worst kind of a coma u can ever get urself in ..!!
what do they think of me ,??,,wat will they think of me if i screw it up again ....?/
i don think i can face my self again ...!1

misreable u ,,.
it happens
shit happens ..!!!!!\
in fact
shitting is of utmost importance............ cause ....
unless u shit ...
u will jus simply keep on farting,,,,

thers nothin u can do about wat happened ...!! its all in the past .. dont keep that alive .. dont keep ur failures alive ...
the best way to deal with failure is to not think about what all hanpened in the past ....carryin that heavy burden of failure around is like going to a race carrying a a gas cylinder on ur shoulder..
not onli r all the racers trying to take u out but u r urself pushing urself down carrying around that huge burden .. i say throw it away lets run this race fair n give it a chance to win....
dont think about the future... it will scare u ..
will u win the race ?? will u loose the race ??? it doesn matter its once again another form of the manifestation of the fear tat failure has installed in u ...!!
the onli way to deal with failure is to shrug it off ,,,like a dog lets do it ,,\
stand staright n do the brrrrr

the brrr move ur body ... shake ur face till it vibrates on its own n cry out loud brrr
then jus feel it ,, be alive .. be here.. be present ...
we can do it ,\
yes we can ...!!!


  1. lukhasingh...yesss it was worth the effort!!!
    superb...i reli wanted to read more bout it...
    yess..d 'loser' tag is worst affects ur mind, soul n thoughts..
    easier said than done!!
    its not easy to shrugg of that burden, not think bout the past and future..but the ideas u hav mentioned actually works!
    u know wat..lukhasingh...u rock!!

  2. Yesss you can!! Jeaaaah!

    I am gonna try you BRRRRR EFFECT next time i fail!!

    Yesss i can!! Jeaaaaaah!

  3. :)) i know i do ...ha ha ha a
    lukha singh ,,!!1 on my blog ,,, come on payal ,,!!lolll
    n e wayz may be ill flloow this post up with more posts

  4. @red yes u do tat .., but i don know y from u i get a vibe u r not the kinda person who fails a lot ,,,!!right ,,!!


  6. wow..that's quite motivating actually...but also, at the end of the day, care two hoots about others...even when u'll succeed, they'll have something nasty to say anyways:)

    karam kar n fal ki chinta na kar...though the brrrrr idea is superb n also the fart/shit reference..hehe:-)

  7. hey ya u r right ....
    lol karma karneke Haas fall ki. icha naa karein aisa bahut mushkil hai...loll...


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