06 February 2011

soulochna aunty rocksss ...!!!

i was lying down on the bed yesterday not because i had nothin to do ,,,1!
i could have as usual played fifa or watched yet another already seen it 10 times episodes of friends or msgd juhi but i choose to drop dead n lie on the bed lifeless ..n .ud think tat would have relaxed my already frustrated not satisfied with himself brain ... but instead a million thots rushed past my head every sec mocking me pinching me laughin at me ....suddenly a tiny lil memory of the night i was most drunk came about from some wher like a ray of light admist all darkness n i grabed it with both my hands tight as if this was my onli oppurtunity to escape my minds horrible phase but it seemed to slip away with newer thots pourin in so i tightened my grip even more tried real hard to focus suddenly

i was back at lonavala .....................!!!!
haldiya drivin his amazin snatro on the express highway with elphants travellin in trucks n we all swingin to infity .......
vyas unusally clean shaved !!
rohan n his cousin drinkin beer in the car n me sliddin off for peein from the window on the santro when the door wudn open ...
all along the way we wer mocking our cars wheels n how they wer so unalignd tht we wer definately goin to crash out n also about the name of the bunglow we were lookin for
we finally reached the bunglow ..(which btw even aftr tryin real hard i cudn recollect the exact name of the bunglow i think it was something with punch .. punchmukhi or pumchmatti or something like tat )
sulochna aunty .... haldiya's bua 's bunglow ...!!..but the gate waas closed with no watchman

some how after jumping over the gate ......handling the dogs inside.... findin the gate keeper we all managed to get inside the bunglow ... n ud think the nigth uptilll now was crazy right well..nothin could have ever prepared me for the wildest night tat followed

i had stopped drinkin some 3and half years bak but recently i had been to goa ..
. goa oh goa ...
wher obviously u have to drink ... what happens in goa stays in goa .. what happens in goa does count .. ne wayz
so i had gotten bak to drinkin but i had said to my self tat tats it .. goa was goa but from now on i won touch alcohol
how ever the night was slowly gettin so wild tat i let my self go n went on drinkin ...!!!
imperial blue .. first i took a sip wher vyas had one whole pek neat with water i don know if u call tat neat but tat must have been strong .. rohan ne tho khaba uthaya aur seedha ulta maa ki ..!!mein bhi mood mein agaya .. le ghapa ghap ...!!ek baad ek sip ..(yaah sip onli tats all i can take haan ) then we danced on . n on ,,,!!!we danced on /.... ON N ON ..jhaha ha ha .!!!!!!!

suddenly vyas comes in jumps n lands down with his one hand out right shoutin
we all flollwed his act.......... sulochana aunty roks ,.,,!!!
sulochna aunty rockssssssssss
ha ha ah ah aha ha ha ah..!
suddenly the song changd to tera hi jalwa
the nigth went on n on with us callin maalpani at 4 am in the nigth
vyas abusin rohans dads with his pure sacche dil se gaali di
n a dozen crazy stuff which i cant write here for obvuios reasons
n obviously the night ended with us all puking our asses away
n the hang overs on the next day n t the trip ended with us listenin to onli low songs on the next day like soniyoo ...!!
i found foto of abdullah khan on pune times which i kept with my self for special purpose lol..!1
but before trip ends ther was yet another thing comin for us
we had some 500 buks left
so we sit to eat at mac donalds but before we buy n e thing we do a chk
250 rs mein petrol aa jayega tho lets eat for the rest of 250 buks
we fukin didnt account for the toll tat wud come while goin bak nn not onli till we spend all our money on food n wer on our way bak home on the highway did we realise we don have enough money to even pay for the tol how r we ever goin to make it bak to home
humari gaadi toll pe khadi hai n we don have money to pay n we r all lughin like hell n these guuys the toll guys r thinkin tat we r jookin or somethin .....
vyas got down went to the car tht was behind n borrowed n got us the money oh fuk scene tha yeh tho ..!! right there hum ne decide kiya tht this trip deserves a blog post
it just took me so long coz ther was so much to write
this post is dedicated to sulocha aunty
who jo bhi ho but
su lochna auuuunty roookssssssssssssss!!!!


  1. ohh fuk i forgot to mention that we went on treking n got cornerd by this flok of buffelooes ohh fuk do u guys rememebr tat

  2. bastard buffeloes n the bai dat ws thr ur gf....she ws scared of u imagne...!!!hahahaha...
    n bhai the nite ws nt jus dancing n puking...thr were loads of othr thngs in it...nly one guy can write all doz stuffs dats haldiya...the moon scene u 4gt....dat nite u saw 5 moons n u pee in the garden and my stories dat made u go crazy....remember dat...its me who can write dis blog better coz many thngs r nly remembered n knwn by me.....but ws a crazy nite fuck seriously SULOCHNA AUNTY ROXXXXXX....!!!!!

  3. ha ha ha ha who tho hai .. sulochna aunty roookksssss
    5 moon yaaad aya
    aur bai mujhe yaaad thi meien kuch nahi kiya usko ,,!!!

  4. Hah interesting..Boys will be Boys.

    Whoever she is.. SULOCHANA AUNTY ROCKS!!

    new in here. check out my blog

    btw u got a follower.


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