21 December 2010


Life's just taken theee most Bizzare turn all of a sudden,,even before u can esimilate stuff,, in a spilt second things change and u wake up one fine morning just to the realise that you have turned into something u never wanted to be ,..and now thers no way bak .. its a trap ..

A trap tat life sets slowly and carefully around u making sure all that is asleep remain sound asleep till the plan is executed and then once it has been executed it will wake u up with a slap on ur face
we r all victims of it
and if u haven realised it yet then u r probably still asleep snoaring ur way into the heavenly dream ,,while life out there is literally fukin u ur arse lol....(tat got a lil too harsh din it .. okie may be not in the arse n e wayz)
wake up people ..
wake up before its too late
before everything tat is u lost !!

u have been brought here this world to stand the test of time
the world is here to kill u ,,,!! it is plce where people learn to live like dead ...but the trik is to stay alive ..
u see there is a spark in all of us ..!! something tat is totally and purely a 100% completely u .
tats wat defines u ...
its who u r .. its y people hate u or like u ..!!
and this world is after it ,. it will mock u .. hit u ....even flatter u .whatever it takes..and if nothing works it will trap u . like i have been fooled .. !1 it will try all that it can to kil u not from the out .. that is still fine but from the inside ..
but i m not givin up ...!1 not just yet ..!!!i have a lot of fight left in me .. infact i have been saving it all this time for this onli ...
no i m not scared of u life !! i will not change .for future i live in the present... i will not give up on my dreams my dreams r me ...i will not give up on myself ........ and if tats wat u mean by growin up world .. then ............!!!!!.... i REFUSE TO GROW UP ..!!


  1. Nice Post!

    I too refuse to grow up if the life's intention is to mock me from behind.


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