10 July 2010


Arab Sheikh's Son (Nasser) studying in Germany e-mailed his
Dad saying:

Dear Dad-Berlin is wonderful, people are nice and I really like
it here. But Dad, I am bit ashamed 2 arrive 2 my college with my Gold
Mercedes, when all my Teachers travel by train.
...Your Nasser...

Sheikh Replies his son "Loving son, Twenty Million Dollars transferred to your account, please stop
embarrassing us, go and get urself a train too"


  1. why not just buy a merc for all the professors.... would help in improving his grades as well...

  2. Lol!
    Whao!*still deciding if I want this Sheikh to adopt me or not!

  3. ha ha ha hilarious... :DDDD

  4. @ prerna
    : tats the first time u have commented n not left a url to visit i guys u might have realli liked this post l;ol.
    btw i visted dr nareshjs blog n i likedit so much tat i have followed it ,,

  5. @ rishi :loll.
    cause then the post wudn be as funny

  6. @suruchi : i wudn mind marrying his son if he is gay ..!! n u r still thinking if u want to get adopted ,,???


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