27 June 2010

tv in the bathroom ...!!

i recently stumbled upon this video on one of my frns juhi 's fb wall that gave a delightful insight as to how mens n womens brain work ,..
the way he put it was that men have a part of the brain called the nothing part ,,,this part has nothing in it .. n we just love to go to our nothing part in the brain n just hang out there ,,,u know in peace ,,
n womens brain is so filled with all the cheeeeszzz and jaaazzzz of the heavy electrical activity going on in thier brain that they cant even imagine doing nothing at all ,,,,!!!
infact nothing in the world can probably iiritate a women more than to see a man just sitting out ther n doing simply nothing . it irritates her more than rakhi sawant ..or himesh reshamiya ,,it irrritates them to the core ,,,!!
and on the other hand the onli thing men might love more than retreating in thier nothing box is well no points for guessing sex..loll
so i don know bout u guys in particular but i agree to this completely ,,
my mom is exactly like that ,,
she sees someone in peace with himself n she just cant stand it..
n then she has to make up some work or find some other way to destroy ur peace so that she finds her peace (which is basically when u r not at peace ),,,!!!
i use to hate this when i was small ,,,
i used to just love watching the tv .. but i cud never do tat in peace
if it was after noon she would give me some work ,,
if it was evening she wud give me a lecture that at evenings go out side and play ..
if it was night u cant eat food with watching tv ,,
n the lamest of all her excuses wud be
koi subha subha uth kar tv on karta hai kya band kar .. iss ghar mein no tv in the morning
wtf ,,?? tat is not even a valid reason ..!!!

n e wayz the onli place wher she could do nothing to destroy my peace of mind was when i was in the bath room ...
bathroom suddenlly became the most sacred place in the house for me ...!!
i would spend hours in the bathroom even though my daily bathroom chores were over just so that i can enjoy some me time ...
n i would think man it would be amazing if we had a tv in here.
i would never get out ther ever ,.,,lol...!!
so thought when i grow up i will put a tv in the bathroom...!!

however recently i happened to go to itc maratha ...!!!
n this what happened
okie i m out ther n i have to pee so i go to the bathroom...
it so happens they had my dream come true bathroom out ther
u know just wher u pee thers this lcd right in front of u ,,!!
n for all those gals out ther who neva been to a guys bathroom .well u just will have to imagine it .
u know have u seen munna bhai lage raho in that they have shown mens room ,,yaa just like tat but with a lcd at each ,,pee spot should i call it

n e wayz i take the position ,i unzip n look up n well see the guy who is reading the news in the lcd ..suddenly i realise he was looking at me n it freaked me out ,,,!!
okie i know he is in the tv but still ...!!i felt like i was being watched ,,!!
infact it freaked me out so much that
i put the package back in the zip ..n just went out o ther without even relieving myself .!!1
it was creapy man ;llol,,,,
so moral of the story ...
tv in the bathroom not such a good idea afterall ,,,,
i have had a lot o good ideas this was just not one o them ..!!


  1. lmao!!!!hahahhahah..
    gud1 amn....

  2. mast... i'd still wanna try this idea

  3. lol..!!@rishi
    i know wat u r thinkin ..!!
    wtf if thers aishwaraya rai in the tv instead of the news reader guy...
    yaah ,,well ,wtf if abhishek bacchan comes in suddenly n performs his raavan act on the tv .. hows tat for a turn on..!!!!haaan

  4. Hi Aman...
    A great post as usual....
    I laughed out loud at your mom’s statement of “koi subah subah bhi tv on karta hain kya” seems to be a universal syndrome with moms all over the planet...
    Though in my case, it used to be a novel!
    I would just get up...grope around the bed for that unfinished page n continue as though no sleep came in between;-)

    E n ways...
    Yup..true...we can’t imagine doing “nothing” at all!
    If not least the mind is moving...
    Whereas look at you guys watching a football match n suddenly you go deaf n dumb n duh-ness personified!

    The sex statement is true too!
    And since my husband does not read your blog*he doesn’t read mine take no offence* I just might reinstate the horror of you guys while performing on the pee spot...
    I mean I am not allowed even remotely in the premises while in the act:/
    Even when we are running on a deadline for a party!

    Absolutely amusing n amazing post:-)

  5. lame at the end .............. i think u really need a tv with x -box installed .....hw abt this idea!!!!

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