02 June 2010

I M not BAck //....!!!

ok i m not going to appologise for having not written n e thing in so long ,,,
this is my fucking blog .n. i can do wat eva i want out here ,,!1 so dont u dare make me feel guilty bout it ...!!

ahhh this feels good ...!!
today is wat 3 rd of june .. n i have an exam tomoro ...!!
i shit cant get my self to study ,.,
i have done all the stuff i cud possibly have done ..
i saw big bang theory ,,,friends ,,, californification ..
i chatted on facebook all day loong actually all week long ,,
i finished of yet another game.. god i m running out o games ,,,
i guess i will have to find a girl now (wat else m i goin to do when all the games in the world end ,)

n still when i sit with the book in my hand it repels me its not time yet.
so here i m bloggin ...
i have been very consumed with californification these dayz ,, mostly because the main female lead looks astonishingly similar to this one gal i have a huge crush on (man she is amazin . her name is kintu ..she can get ur heart beat racing just by lookin at u ...)
but also hugely because basically the show is all bout sex ,.,,!1

my exams will be over by 10 th n with it so will my engineering end hopefullly . fingers crossed ,,touch wood ,
n e wayz ,,,i have no clue wat to do with my life after tat ,,,
i wud like go sky diving in california
bunjee jumping in new zealand ,,
sucba diving in maldives ,,,
rock climbimg in the himalayas
n camping in brazil ,,,
but i dont have the money for all that kinda thing .. so please donate ...!!!
i wud like to go to japan n bring thier fast internet technology to india i hate it when we cant stream youutbe in one go
i wud like to buil a device tat makes oxygen from water so tat u can then stay inside the water for as long as u like ,,,
i wud like to go make porn leagal in india (wats the use of making it illeagal everyone has it at thier homes as it is actually u should even make prostitution legal to reduce the no of rapes this can make up for a whole new topic ,,)
i wud like to change the judicial system in india the infrastructure out here ,,,
but i m pretty sure i m goin to end up in a dead end job ..working for pityful money ..!!!!
leading just a normal life
don ask me y ...!!??
i m not going to answer tat now ..
n with that i m going end out here ,,,!!
this is it for now
i m not back yet
i don know when i will be back ,,!!
i do want to write ,. its just not falling in place
i want to write bout sex bout boobs (oops i meant books but yaah sure bout boobs too )bout dreams bout cell phones n ipads ..n bout this mean bad world . n the beauty that is hatred ,,!!!
but sometimes i just feel its falling on deaf ears ..!!1
so might even tear this place down .. there might be no more mushroom ,,,
but i will be back... n u will see more of .. may be out here or may be not ,,
but somewhere i m sure u will hear of me...!!1


  1. it was a good one.... random but nice piece of wrk.....

  2. haha..but be sure to study okay..exams are really important :)

  3. Nice to see a post. And very good for not apologising...I hate when people try and make you feel guilty or call u lazy for not blogging...

    Sounds like you have the same study style as I had...I would watch tv, read books, decide I needed a walk to get my head clear, see friends, drink...until a certain time before the exam the adrenaline and urge to study would suddenly kick in (always the afternoon before). My theory is that once you get in that mode your brain is in overdrive so your study is 10x more effective than when you are just trying to force it in because you feel you should.

    I like the sound of your travel dreams. Well, maybe not the bungee jumping. I would roll down a hill in one of those balls you crawl inside instead. Will add you to my 'must give' list of people for when I have my huge lotto win lol.

    Love the way you wrote that - straight out, lots of interest. And am sure you will do just as well in your exams (just remember you have to start studying at least 12 hours before :D)

  4. yaah ,, i study in exactly exactly same way ./..!!
    i too believe in the same thing tat if when just before the exam ur brain acts like a supermans brain so be it make use of it rather than just sitting with the book n not studying.. i cant pretend to study i can either study or not study n i can onli study just before the exam ..
    the exam went amazin btw ,,,!!!
    n tat was actually so sweet ..!1 ,,,now i m goinn to pray u shud win the lotto ..!!

  5. u know aman.. the way u think.. the way u do things.. the way u perceive things is totally different from others..
    just follow ur heart.. and you will end up doing something that u actually want..
    u knw.. i cant be like you.. in fact no one can be like you.. but before losing urself in ur dreams.. make sure u are walking with the reality too..!!
    lets c.. where life takes us..

  6. Hi Amn...
    When you write about nothing at write it pretty good*not that you don’t do that otherwise*
    So engineering over in just another couple of couple days*yiyee yiyee yiyee*
    I loved reading about your grand future plans!
    I am still trying to find the right adjective to describe it though..
    Amusing or amazing!
    Aaah...never mind...we’ll wait for you to get back n tell more!;-)

    N also wait for those posts on boobs...oops..books!
    P.S. My update page showed me posts updated by you which I can’t see when I open the link to them! Hmm...I guess those posts you dream of writing already came about in bits n parts:-)

  7. lol.....!! did u happen to click on the world largest penis post that i removed ,,??? haaan ??/ha hah

  8. yaaah well i write stuff .n then i think i dont want to share it cause will make me vulnerable or u know ppl will misunderstand me u know .. those thoughts i always think this time i m going to post it n then end up saving it i the drafts onli for my slef to read it later on ..cause its too much for those normal ppl with normal thoughtsu know
    its either those kinds of post ,,
    or like the crapy commercial kinda post like the worlds largest penis ,or the crappy converstaion i just postd just to fill up the void out here ,,
    don worry u din miss a thing .
    n yaah the boobs oops book post we will se bout tat ,,!!loll..


  10. jumble of emotions .... all the best for ur exams and cngrts on ur degree in advance....

  11. and I'm not commenting..

    I'll start when ur back..

  12. hey come on tats not fair //!...!!1

  13. amn its tuf to describe u...but easy to understand u most of d times..i like this post though its got nothin to talk abt!!n as Suruchi said..u write well wen u rite abt nothin at all(otherwise as well);)

    no advices frm my end,but a good luck to u!!!

  14. i like the pic mhan!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. @mithun kiski pic u like min eor urs .,...??/


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