01 August 2009

mommy dearest

I was playing my guitar, tuning it up for practice when the gusty wind blew the door open. In the other room Mom was talking on the phone. Her conversation was not audible.

“Ya I know, its his age now”

WTF? What’s going on

“Ya. I think the same.”


“But I don’t think he will like if talks about marriage begun”

Shit! Not again. I’m too young.

“I hope too. It will be so nice for the family.”

But what about me? Don’t force me into being self-less.

“Yes! Yes! But who will talk about this to him”

Nobody! You hear me, Nobody!

“Ya I’ve seen her. She’s so nice. Very well mannered and looks decent too.”

Decent? Who wants decent? I’m 21, gimme Baywatch-types at least for couple of more years.

“Ya. Nice girl. When I saw them together, I knew it from then and there only.”

Whaa? This gal knows me. Shit! How do you dump some you don’t date but your family wants to. This is gonna be such a mess. Why mom? Why?

“They’re a perfect couple.”

Huh? Never! I’ll run away to the nearest developed country.

“ya but how to tell? Who to tell? It’s all complicated. And who will pay for all the expenses?”

FUCK! How did things reach this far. I better go and change this.

And so I got up to tell my mom that I wont allow this hypocrisy. I kept my guitar aside and was almost out of the room when I heard this.

“Ya! We’ll see what happens on Monday 9 o’clock

O-H M-Y G-O-D!

I heaved a sigh of relief, which was immediately followed by a mixed feeling. I didn’t know whether to feel disgusted that TV has consumed my parents so much that it’s seeped into their phone talks OR to be ecstatic at the fact that I’m still gonna be a bachelor baby! Ladies, I’m still available.

Finders Keepers Rule Wonly!

But still...i luv u mom

[okie after the response to the previous post .. the controversial one i did got a lil scared..

everytime i wrote i felt insecure as to will i be able to keep up to the expectation ..i tried a lot but cudn realli come up wid n e thing nice for u guys to read....

i don want my blog to be full of crap posts .. i want ta if u guys take the pain to read the post then the post bettr be worth it .. so i was under pressure

but alas i found it ...i was jus browsin thruogh rishi baldawa's blog ..

a crooked smile ....*(

n ther i came across this very intrestin post which was lyin out ther very lonely.... infact i found it so intrestin .. ta i felt i'd share it wid u guys //,,, it was gud a one wasn it ///??]


  1. Good one :P Nice blog..
    I shall follow...

  2. thank u ...
    i shall try to keepp up with the expectation


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