25 July 2009

jus to remind u ...!!

one good that came off from my vaccation trip to delhi was ta i finally got over wid the white tiger ...
(no u moreons m not talkin bout the animal ,.,, m talkin bout the book ...)

when i started readin it at first .. it gave an impression of a dull book .,,,n infact it was ,,,a dull book..for most parts of it ....but somewher deep below the issue the book dealt wid ...struck a chord wid me ......1!!

i mean yeah true we all know tat thers a lot o poverty in india ... we all know tat in villages ..elections r manipulated ... we all know that thers illiteracy ....
we all see it everyday .at the signals the beggars .. at the footpaths ...the rickshaw pullers ... the taxi drivers ...the hawkers ,,but what moved me that the thing we don realise is ta we all use them ...every sec ....we the people fortunate enough to be born in the light use the people from the darkness ... n not just use them . we exploit them ...

dont we always bargain at the at sabzi mandi .... do u ever negotiate the price of a shirt in a mall ...??? or buy things on credits like u do from our local banya shop ..

my mom pays ..our house maid some 250 bucks a month ,,,,
isnt this exploitation //......

we r all selfish ..n we have all been mean n rude ....!! tats y thers so much hatred around us ...!!!
the world is gettin filthy n filthy by the day .....!!

the other day .. i read about the trial of ajmal qasab ...i don think i need to mention who he is ,,,,,
he has been already given so much of undue importance,, which he is not worth ,,,,
what the bloody fuck r the trying to proove out there ....
that motherfucker (sorry bout my language but .....!!) kills people on the street openly ,,,,
a zillion people saw it live on tv ,,,,,what the fuck u want to proove him guilty for ......!!

i have come to loose faith in indian justice ..actually i have come to loose faith in india onli ....
wat r we proud of ...??the corruption ...the pollution ... the poopulation ...the illiteracy ... the million dollar scams .. or the piracy ....?? or the recision ...~~~!!or the never ending war wid pakistan ...!!how have we managed to go on for so long with so many

time has come ... !! over n over again n again these politicians have fooled us for long . enough already ...!!1
n like fools we keep forgettin stuff ..!!!
its not time to forget n move on guys .. its time to stop ,,,, n remember ..,,11!itts time to look at whats wrong n clean up the mess ,,,,!!
its time to wake up .....!!1
n in memeory of all those who lost their lives in the numerous terroist attcks ...!!! i here dedicate this post ,, to remind to u guys the shame n the guilt ta is upon us .. ta we cudn do n e thing to prevent them from dying ... n ta if the government body failed.. it was also our fault ,,,,..


  1. haha... u started writing about the WHITE TIGER..and u ended up on ajmal kasab?

    but a nice post..actually..
    n u fogot to mention the reservation quotas , the stupid moral police.. and still 1950 orthodox leaders!

  2. yeah i cudn realli get the post together in the end ...i know ..


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